Dungeons Odessa

Author: Returned from a small Ride in Odessa, where there are not only comfortable with quite incredible architecture Odessa Yard, the sea and the huge delicious shawarma. Incredibly huge system of underground labyrinths built by human hands reaching far beyond the city.
For detuning Odessa needed building material. Under the ground in the area are extensive deposits of limestone, which is an excellent building material. Stone quarried mining method, chaotic and who I wanted. As a result, under the ground in a huge haphazard maze of more than 3000 kilometers long. One way or another connected with the remains of mines and other underground facilities in Odessa.

1. First of all, we got into the drainage. This is a huge underground system here intersect tyubingovannye tunnels tunnels built Metrostroi Kiev, abandoned bomb shelter, antique galleries and abandoned quarries.
The photo remains of trucks that was used in the construction of drainage.

2. It looks like a mini-metro Odessa, Kiev Metrostroi built in the 60s. Too bad it does not go on the train.

3. place a set of drainage omonolichen not simply gouged in the formation limestone.

4. Rzd in different directions, including the trunk. Prior to the surface about 40 meters.


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