Dungeons Odessa

Author: Returned from a small Ride in Odessa, where there are not only comfortable with quite incredible architecture Odessa Yard, the sea and the huge delicious shawarma. Incredibly huge system of underground labyrinths built by human hands reaching far beyond the city.
For detuning Odessa needed building material. Under the ground in the area are extensive deposits of limestone, which is an excellent building material. Stone quarried mining method, chaotic and who I wanted. As a result, under the ground in a huge haphazard maze of more than 3000 kilometers long. One way or another connected with the remains of mines and other underground facilities in Odessa.

1. First of all, we got into the drainage. This is a huge underground system here intersect tyubingovannye tunnels tunnels built Metrostroi Kiev, abandoned bomb shelter, antique galleries and abandoned quarries.
The photo remains of trucks that was used in the construction of drainage.

2. It looks like a mini-metro Odessa, Kiev Metrostroi built in the 60s. Too bad it does not go on the train.

3. place a set of drainage omonolichen not simply gouged in the formation limestone.

4. Rzd in different directions, including the trunk. Prior to the surface about 40 meters.


6. Gradually familiar tunnel ends and turns into an old tunnel, sometimes flooding the crystal clear water, delicious.

7. In places along the walls caught not entirely clear purpose pipes.

8. Exit the old tunnel in an abandoned bomb shelter.

9. In the abandoned workings once erected protective structure. It has long been abandoned and destroyed, can be found on the shelves decayed remnants of the old models of gas masks.

10. The second output from the refuge to the drain.

11. Remains derelict Soviet utensils rot underground course.

A unique place, abandoned and forgotten the huge dungeon, there is a wine-brandy factory there. Here, too, have access to the abandoned mine, but the mine filled with pulp. The slurry is a mixture of sand and water that poured through the hole in the stone quarries to build the top of the building without fear of subsidence.

12. The huge hall, where once stood a huge barrel.

13. Barrels largely demolished, apparently someone sold iron hoops on the ferrous metal.

14. But some very large barrels still stand. While three years ago, these barrels on the site were two

15. Remains incomprehensible ventilation may grow mushrooms here.

16. Large-scale room with a colonnade in the middle. There were kept smaller barrels, they disassembled.

17. We have supper in the "underground palace».

18. Now it's just wood.


We spent the night in a huge abandoned bomb shelter system under the central part of Odessa. Fortified and equipped galleries stretch for many kilometers. Previously, the system was much more, but due to the new construction of the passages filled pulp.

20. All development are reinforced with special columns or retaining walls made of concrete which make a hole for the passage of people.

21. At this point, there was an old miner's way to the surface.

22. Some shelters have access to the buildings on the surface. It looks like an ordinary staircase in the parade that descends deep into the earth.


24. At this point during the production of stone miners found a natural cave which is about 5 million years.

25. Once upon a time corroded water network of cracks, thus forming a natural cave.

26. Filter-ventilation system in one of the shelters.




30. And this is our underground camp.

Source: general-kosmosa.livejournal.com


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