Labyrinth of Daedalus

Medieval scholars believed the labyrinth of Daedalus most complex of all ever created.
According to legend, Daedalus created this maze, to conclude in his Minotaur.
Daedalus very cleverly used the psychological factors of behavior that the probability of escape from the labyrinth of almost zero.

If the passages of the labyrinth was a meter wide, and the walls - to 30 centimeters thick, the only path leading from it would have a length of more than a kilometer. Likely that anyone would rather die of hunger or thirst before found to yield.

During its long history the Cretan labyrinth several times destroyed and rebuilt again and in 1380 BC, was destroyed and abandoned completely, until the English archaeologist A.Evans not found mysterious hieroglyphic writing in the Oxford Museum. The letter said the ancient labyrinth. In 1900, archaeologist came to Crete and began excavations.

Arthur Evans excavated nearly 30 years and has unearthed not a city but a palace, equal in size to the whole city. This was the famous maze at Knossos, which was a building with a total area of ​​22 thousand sq. Meters, which took at least 5-6 levels above-ground floors, connected by walkways and stairs, and a number of underground vaults. Cretan labyrinth was not an invention of the ancient and true miracle of architecture, which was something strange reason.


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