The famous logic puzzle on green-eyed

This mystery about the green-eyed prisoners mad dictator many stumped. There are only 2 ways to help them escape, but one of the ways to threaten the life of the one who decides to help them. And how this task would manage you?

Be attentive and careful not mad dictators error proschayut.Predstavte an island where a mad dictator holds in custody 100 people, and they are all excellent mathematics. Escape is impossible, but there is a strange rule. At night, any prisoner in custody may request release. < If the prisoner green eyes, he would be released. If not, throw it into the mouth of a volcano.

< In fact, of all 100 inmates green eyes. However, prisoners live on the island since the birth, and the dictator has done everything so that no one knew the color of their eyes. The island has no mirrors, and all containers opaque water. But, more importantly, prisoners not allowed to talk to each other.

Yet every morning they are seen on the roll. Everyone knows that no one even dares to ask for freedom, without being absolutely sure of success. Unable to withstand the pressure of human rights organizations, the dictator reluctantly allows you to visit the island and talk to the prisoners. But he puts a condition: you make only one application, and you do not inform prisoners of the new information. How to help the prisoners and not to incur the wrath of the dictator?

After much thought, you say a crowd of prisoners: «At least one of you green eyes» The dictator executed distrust, but calms himself. Such a statement does not change anything. You're leaving, but life on the island as if it goes on. But one morning, 100 days after your visit, the island is empty - all the prisoners demanded the release last night

. How did you manage to fool the dictator?



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