5 terrible problems for the development of intelligence

When I was a teenager, my older sister loved to make me terrible problems, I tried to guess.

It happened like this. Sister described to me a situation in which, as a rule, someone died, and I had by logical reasoning to guess how it happened.

Some of these tasks.

Problem # 1. In the desert, was discovered a naked corpse of a man. In his hand he found the broken match. Question: what happened?

Problem number 2. A man tells a woman: "I love you". Woman falls and dies. Why?

Task №3. One person from city A arrived in the city B. had Been in there a few days and took the train back. All companions noticed that he was in a good mood. But, despite this, when the train entered a long dark tunnel, the man jumped from the car and died. Why?

Task №4. The summer was warm, but windy day. Romeo and Juliet were alone in the room. After some time they found on the floor dead. Around the bodies were glass shards and water. What happened?

Task №5. One person came in a fine dining restaurant and ordered the meat of penguin. Waiting for the order, he had anticipated much pleasure. But when gourmet had a chance finally to try the delicacy, he was very upset, and then pulled out a gun and shot himself. Why?

How'd you like puzzles? Tin! Yes? But I really liked the process of solving them. To find a solution, I could ask my sister questions, but only those that involve monosyllabic answers "Yes", "no" or "irrelevant".

For clarity, I will describe how I "dealt" with the naked man in the desert (problem # 1).

— A tourist who got lost?

— No.

— A fugitive who was hiding from his pursuers and lost?

— No.

— He got lost?

— No.

Is a hermit who fasted in the desert?

— No.

— Brought him there and left to survive with one broken match?

— No.

— Was he killed?

— No.

— He died a natural death?

— No.

— He killed himself?


— He was depressed?

— No.

Something was wrong with his head?

— No.

— He's a member of some sect?

— No.

— A broken match is the draw which decided his fate?


— There was some emergency situation where he had to sacrifice his life for the survival of others?


— He had a gun?

— No.

— He poisoned himself?

— No.

— He has long been in the desert without food and water?

— No.

— He crashed jumping from a height?


— Ahhh! The plane was wrecked?

— No.

The balloon began to lose altitude, and the people who were there at the beginning threw all clothes, but it didn't help, so I had to draw lots to decide who would jump out?

— Yes, Yes, Yes!!!


Some of the situations I've solved a few days. Sister stubbornly refused to succumb to my "give up" and didn't give me the answers, so you had to think and get pleasure from it.

You I just to give ready-made answers, so you can make these puzzles to friends and family. Let develop. And you sagely will direct their thought process, answering numerous questions: "Yes", "No" or "irrelevant".

The answer to the task №2.

A man and a woman were circus acrobats. They worked out a room under the dome of circus. The trick was that the man had to hold in balance the special acrobatic pole on top of which stood a woman. The man put a pole on my forehead. Any says in this time the word was fraught with loss of balance. He said, "I love you." She lost her balance, fell and crashed.

The answer to the task №3.

The man who drove from city a to city B, was blind. The purpose of his trip was the meeting with the unique the surgeon who made the person difficult, dangerous eye surgery. The blind saw, so went home very happy. But when the train was passing through a long, dark tunnel, the man decided that he went blind again, very upset, so he jumped out of the car.

The answer to the task №4.

This is my favorite mystery because few people can immediately guess that Romeo and Juliet are not actually people, and fish. They swam in a glass tank that stood on the windowsill. As the day was windy, the wind suddenly opened the window, the aquarium fell and broke and the fish died.

The answer to the task №5.

This task is the most bloodthirsty. Get ready. The man who visited the restaurant when it had to be in an emergency situation in Antarctica. With him was his friend and beloved woman, who died from hunger and cold. She was buried in the snow. To survive, men had something to eat. One day a friend brought from somewhere a great piece of meat and told the man that it pingvinchika. They ate it a few days and then they are found and rescued. Many years have passed. The man wanted meat penguin, I went and ordered it in the restaurant. But the taste is restaurant penguin was nothing like what he was eating in Antarctica. The man guessed that the friend fed him the body of the woman, could not bear this blow and shot himself.

Horror! Yes? But not all that bad, I have a pair of tasks where no one dies and no one is eating.

Scary problem # 1.

One man came to the bar and asked the bartender for a glass of water. The bartender gave him a drink and asked, "how was it?" "No, not helped," the man replied and was about to leave. Suddenly the bartender abruptly pulled out a gun and shouting "trick or treat" is targeting the visitor. He was scared, and then said "thank you", gave the bartender kindly with him, said goodbye and went away satisfied. Question: what was it?

Response. The visitor suffered a case of hiccups. Water didn't help. But when the bartender scared the man, my hiccups are gone. For this, the bartender got on the tea, and saved from hiccups people were satisfied and happy.


Scary problem # 2.

The woman lived a few days at the hotel. Every night when she fell asleep, she was awakened by a phone call. The caller was acting really weird: when awakened, the woman lifted the handset on the other end heard a sigh of relief, and then the connection was interrupted. What explains the strange behavior of whoever called the night a woman?

Response. And this task is ready the answer will be. Try to find it yourself. You will be able. I believe in you. Ask questions in the comments, but don't forget that the rules of solving the puzzle, I can only answer in monosyllables: "Yes", "no" or "irrelevant".


Oshmyany Tat'yana Evgen'evna

Source: www.b17.ru/article/strashno_interesno/


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