Eye color

person has eye color, which got him by inheritance. Basic color options are not so much, but their large number of shades. Most people in the world's eyes are brown, the rarest eye color - green. According to statistics, a total of 2% of the population have green eyes. This color, however, like any other, is determined by the amount of melanin in the body, from his green-eyed people less people with brown eyes - more. That green eyes is very rare and consequently more "work" of the medieval Inquisition, when ginger girl with green eyes were considered witches and burned at the stake. Green eye color and its shades of gray-green to emerald distributed to the eastern and western Slavic peoples, in particular - the Germans and Scots. But not only. For example, among the residents of Iceland - a small island nation - green or blue eye color has almost 80% of the population in Turkey, nearly 20% of green-eyed people, but in South America, Asia, the Middle East green eyes practically does not occur. See also: What determines eye color? The smell of women's tears reduces sexual desire in men. Eyes accurately determine the familiar faces. What would happen if a person had an eagle eye?

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