Balding British artist

few years ago, 30-year-old British artist Philip Levine started to go bald.

However, he did not buy a wig or make trensplantatsiyu hair, and walked to this nuisance tvorcheski.

Nedlogo thinking, Levin decided to give his bald head in the service of art. Thus, he not only turned his lack of dignity, but also became the founder of a new artistic movement called «headism» (which roughly translates as "golovizm" (from the English. Head - head), but Russian counterpart does not exist yet) .

Since 2006, our hero began to shave his head completely, which then offers all creatives to use as a canvas to realize their design ideas. Very soon the fashion Web site noticed their original work, and began to publish photos of Levin in the most unusual way. Body art, crystals Swarovski, coffee beans and even thumbtacks - which just do not see him artistic bald!

In 2009, Levin knew that his head was a breath of fresh air in the art world, inspiring artists in the most daring experiments. Flushed by this discovery, he decided to organize an exhibition of photos, in which his bald head was directly involved. After this event, the name of Philip Levine and the term «headism» become a byword in the margins of the London fashion.

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