15 street art-works, after which you will forever change your mind about street art

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The work of contemporary street artists become public domain and can drastically change any place in the city. Especially the role of street art in the arrangement of non-capital cities, which today are the most interesting.

One of the biggest events of the Russian street art festival "Scenografia", launched in 2010 in Yekaterinburg. From 2015 it is held with the support of "Gazprom Neft" in the framework of the social investment program "home towns". This allowed the project to go beyond the boundaries of the Sverdlovsk region and to obtain the status of all-Russian events.

This year the festival has brought together 66 artists from Russia, Italy, Brazil and other countries visited 9 villages of our country.

AdMe.EN offers to get acquainted with some masterpieces of "Stenographie-2016", after which you will surely change your idea about street art.

The Touch Of The Artist Danila Shmelev

Love. It is love, pure and true, does this 3D work on the walls of an ordinary five-story building in Orenburg.

Karas Artist — Alexander Dergachev

To bear, which appeared on this wall a year earlier, not missed, the artist decided to "settle" him a playful carp. In General, the plans of the graffiti artists is to sketch a kind of concrete surface, which is directly opposite the Windows of the children's creativity center in Khanty-Mansiysk.

King Kong, The Artist — Andrey Toporov

Good king Kong with a two-meter Lapa has become the most popular stand for photographing in Omsk.

George Artist Thiago Mazza

George, painted by an artist from Brazil on one of the street surfaces of Yekaterinburg, popular not only in our country but in the homeland of the author. Because this work is the link that unites the culture of our people.

Paper boat Painter Maxim Chukin

"Paper boat" — the symbol of the festival "Scenografia". He travels to different cities with the team last year, and this time "moored" to the pier of Orenburg.

Bamporiki Artist Danila Shmelev

Bamporiki is a butterfly tangerine. 3D stand was chosen by the residents of Omsk, which come to imprint themselves on the background of tangerine reality.

The bird of happiness Artist — Anastasia Moskvina

The sketch for this work is created on motives of the two children's drawings. Bright, bringing happiness bird decorated wall of the building, which is almost on the edge of the earth, namely in the village of Novy Port in the Arctic circle.

Don Quixote Artist — Alexander BLOT

The author of this creation in Yekaterinburg drew a parallel between the street artist and don Quixote as two knights who are good in the world.

Childhood dreams Artist Marina Berry

This is from last year's festival, but we didn't get it not to show. Draw a picture of the artist in Arctic village New Port helped the children of the orphanage. And even rare for these places summer Northern lights nature itself has created for her decorations.

The Piano Artist — Andrey Toporov

The corner of the building of the musical College in Omsk appeared picturesque gap through which "we see", as the work of teachers and their students.

A child's dream Artists — Alexander Dergachev and Sergey Ivanov

Watching sleeping this cute girl in one of the districts of Noyabrsk, and the bear guards her sleep, and I want to start to tiptoe and whisper.

Walrus Artists — "Strong finger"

Another street-art facility in the Arctic circle in the village of New Port. Smiling walrus and bright fish — what you need for the area where almost six months of no sunlight.

Hero Manas Artist Konstantin Zmogk

This house is in Omsk is located on the street named in honor of historian and ethnographer Chokan Valikhanov, who was the first recorded and translated individual chapters of the epos of the hero Manas, the largest works of the Kyrgyz people.

Star trek Authors: Andrey Kolokolov, Taisia Spirina, Maxim Parfenov, Alexander Kalashnikov

Residents of large cities rarely dream under the stars, and the team "Stenographie" decided to correct this situation in St. Petersburg. In the days of the festival at the surface of the Moika river with the help of the townspeople scatter about 400 stars. And although "Star trek" is not street art in the traditional sense, we decided to show it to you, because it is one of the hottest projects this year.

The shadow of the great Authors: Andrey Kolokolov, Taisia Spirina, Maxim Parfenov, Alexander Kalashnikov

By nightfall, the facade of the National library in St. Petersburg for a week in November, appeared the portraits of Russian writers who changed the world of literature. The unique technology of light and shadow was first used in the creation of street objects.

The promotion of "Gazprom oil" helped the festival to expand not only the geography, but also to increase opportunities. Artists painted on urban surfaces, with the permission of local authorities to protect the created work, which in full can be found here. In addition, drawing and painting are engaged and residents of the city — it allows them to feel a part of the same beauty, which had already begun to save our world.

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