Cheat sheet: how to choose perfect bra

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Well-known lingerie expert Rebecca Apsan picked up the underwear heroines of "Sex in the city". In its stores dress up Angelina Jolie, Meryl Streep and Linda Evangelista. And she wrote the book on bra-fitting — individual selection of clothes.

Rebecca argues that the correct bra changes our body and life and makes us happy.

Site the details will show you how to pick lingerie that it perfectly combined comfort and beauty.

How to measureMany women buy bras that size that they would like to wear and not what they really fit. And usually it's underwear with a Cup less than you need, and the length of the belt more than necessary.

In order to understand everything completely, start with the measurements. But keep in mind, measurements is just the beginning. Your 75V in the process of fitting can turn in 70C, and 80A. And 65D — too. Because dimensional grid differs between manufacturers. And becauseyour Breasts are unique.

The underbust girth

Lower his hands. The tape should go horizontally and fit snugly to the body. It would be better if someone will measure you but you can cope.


Put on your most comfortable classic bra (not push up and not minimized). The tape should be horizontal and pass through the most protruding points of the chest, without tightness.

Determine your size using the table (click to open).

  • Table 1. Cup size
  • Table 2. The difference between the bust girth and underbust girth
Different countries have different symbols sizes. If you buy American or French linen, check that the dimensions on this table.

  • Table 3. Conformity of the sizes of different countries
Our weight can change, but we still stubbornly buy our favorite 75B. Don't get attached to the same size. If the fluctuations of your weight is 3-5 kg, measure yourself again and reconsider your size.

Now you can go to the store. Tune in to what the fitting can take an hour and a half.

As an exampleThe underbust girth and chest girth complement each other. Size for girth 75 cm different from the size for girth 80 cm How? The higher the number of underbust girth — the wider and bigger Cup. Keep this in mind during the fitting.

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Tune in to try on at least 10 bras of at least two different manufacturers. Take a classic model with a smooth Cup. It can be hard or soft as you feel comfortable. When size, you can try on different styles balconette, push-up, Corbeil, etc.

Take the first two models of that size, which was the result of your measurements. For example, 75V.

The following two models are smaller in the waist, but more in the Cup. That is 70C.

The third pair should be smaller in the waist. That is 70V.

Fourth pair — with a large Cup size. That is, 75C.

The last two models is more in the zone and in the Cup. That is 80S.

Each of the models must be judged on three parameters: belt, Cup and straps.

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When trying on a bra, fasten the hooks on the rightmost number (the free state). In the process of wearing the belt depending on the fabric can stretch up to 5 cm and then it will need the rest of the hooks.

Sits as the perfect bra: a check-listpos

But the zone accounts for 90% of the support of a bra, and only 10% on the straps. The belt must tightly grasp the chest, but don't crash into the body. Raise your hands, bend the left and right- the belt should stay in place. The centre of the bra should fit snugly to the chest. If the belt moves, you need a smaller size.

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On the back under the clasp should be two fingers, not more, otherwise half an hour after putting on the belt will rise up. The correct position of the belt horizontally. At the first fitting can be a feeling that the belt is a little slow — this is normal.


If the cups are visible wrinkles and folds, bra large, try a Cup size smaller.

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If the Cup is pinched Breasts so, what are the "cushions" on the chest and in the armpits, bra small. Take a Cup size larger.

Bone should be placed around the chest — sternum and ribs. If the bone at least partially lies on the chest, you also need a bigger size.


The bra should not only support the Breasts but also to lift it. Conduct a simple test that will help determine whether sitting linen. Find the midpoint between the shoulder and elbow. It is at this level should be the most projecting part of the breast. If it is lower, tighten straps. But remember: they should not bump into the shoulders and to lift up the belt at the back.

Check that not too much weight accounted for strapless. Lower them with shoulder — cups can barely hang, but the belt should stay in place.

By the way, the straps need to be adjusted every day.

Pay attention — the chest should not be below the lower edge of bra. Because linen is just right for what you need to say no to gravity.

The correct bra will help to visually to lose 3-5 kg.

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What else to pay attention to When decide to buy a bra with seeds or without, know if the size of your breast and more, additional support is not exactly hurt her.

If the straps fall off buy a special connector for strapless, which connects them on the back.

If you can't determine the size, for example 75 or 80, take the bra with large cups and give it to the Studio to shorten the belt.

If your Breasts are different sizes then you fit the classic bra with molded cups, which will hide the difference, or push-up — put in a Cup for the smaller breast silicone or foam liner (the store often give extra for free). If the bra has pockets for inserts, you can remove the liner from one pocket and put the extra in another.

If you have a wide back and small Breasts, focus on the Cup size, even the belt will be too small.Enough to buy the extender fastener (bra-extender), and the problem will be solved.

Photographer: Roman Zakharchenko

Model: Olga Zakharchenko

According to the materials of Rebecca Apsan, The Lingerie Handbook,
Alina Gizatullina

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