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The famous brand Victoria's Secret always had the most tender feelings for the female body. Not surprisingly, the designers of the brand it occurred to create the most expensive bra in the world. VS took many attempts and finally got a dozen luxurious bras cost from 2 to 15 million dollars. View luxury products, dotted with many shining gems, no doubt about that, why they should be stored in the most luxurious part of the female body (after the brain, of course!). However, another question arises - how convenient and safe to wear such a treasure? Perhaps for these reasons, none of the precious bra Victoria's Secret has not yet found its owner. So I present to you the top ten most expensive bra in the world.

10) Bombshell Fantasy Bra
Bra worth 2 million. Dollars encrusted with diamonds, topazes and sapphires weighing 142 carats. Represent this creation was lucky enough sultry beauty Adriana Lima in 2010.

9) Harlequin Fantasy Bra
In 2009, the bra, decorated with white, cognac and champagne-colored diamonds showed American model Marisa Miller. Bra, worth 3 million. Dollars, crowned by a diamond heart shaped, weighing 16 carats.

8) Black Diamond Fantasy Miracle Bra
Luxury bra decorated with more than three thousand black and white diamonds and rubies three decades. Plus, the two 50-carat black diamond on a chain. Designers Victoria's Secret appreciated this beauty in 5 million. Dollars.

7) Hearts on Fire Diamond Fantasy Bra
On the establishment of the bra in 2006 it took 2000 diamonds. On the podium at the cost of 6.5 million bra. Dollars presented a Czech model Karolina Kurkova.

6) Heavenly 70s Fantasy Bra
The climax of the fashion show Victoria's Secret in 2004 became a bra worth 10 million. Dollars. White gold encrusted with 2900 diamonds and huge diamond pear shaped, weighing 70 carats. The face and chest bra became beautiful Tyra Banks.

5) Star of Victoria Fantasy Bra
Bra, consisting of 1,150 ruby ​​roses and 1,600 emerald leaves, cost designer Victoria's Secret 10 million. Dollars. Karolina Kurkova, who presented the precious "flower" on the podium in 2002, was unhappy creature, "I felt very uncomfortable. For 10 million. Bra could be comfortably ».

4) Very Sexy Fantasy Bra
Bra worth 11 million. Dollars was created 2,500 colorful gemstones. Diamond chain, weighing 70 carats - the second largest in the world diamond faceted in the form of roses. Demonstrate bra fortunate enough beautiful Heidi Klum.

3) Heavenly Star Bra
Again, Heidi Klum, but this time in a bra, the creation of which took 1200 rare pink sapphires and 2,300 diamonds. Diamond weighing 90 carats in the heart of the product is 10.6 million. Dollars, and all the product at a cost of 12.5 million.

2) Sexy Splendor Fantasy Bra
In second place was maybe not the most expensive bra, but the owner of the most expensive jewelry - pear-shaped diamond weighing 101 carats in! The impressive size of the stone is framed by 2,900 small diamonds and 22 rubies. The cost of the bra, which was the face of Gisele Bundchen, is 12.5 million. Dollars.

1) Red Hot Fantasy Bra
I am not surprised that in 2000 the role of the face and body bra valued at 15 million. Dollars Gisele was chosen: the most expensive models - the most expensive bra. Bra red silk adorned with 1300 diamonds and rubies weighing 300 carats. Red Hot Fantasy Bra hit the Guinness Book of Records as "the most expensive and extravagant undergarment in the history of mankind».


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