Adriana Lima (Adriana Lima) in two photo shoots Victoria's Secret

Brazilian supermodel is very eager start of the new year. For a little over two months, she managed to get to the pages of several fashion magazines, to take part in a large-scale advertising campaign of its "native" brand and whatnot.

If you do not understand what the word "home", we mean Victoria's Secret. After all, this brand, 30-year-old supermodel is to thank for the incredible popularity that she currently has. Adriana Lima (Adriana Lima), along with several other "angels", took part in a large-scale tour of «Victoria's Secret Very Sexy Jet Tour», and became the main face of the advertising campaign of the brand Donna Karan. But let's move on to our photosets. Lima starred for the March catalog of fashionable women's brand Victoria's Secret in swimsuits and lingerie. We combined the work of a single material.


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