25 abandoned places, causing admiration and fear. Once there was very lively ...

These abandoned places attract your attention at the same time frightening. Once there was very lively, but for some reason these buildings were in ruins. Now here there is no living soul ... These monumental ghosts of the past just vzbudorazhat your mind! Try and stop time with. 25 It is terribly beautiful places around the world where life came to a standstill ...

tree growing through the old piano

Photo: Stihi

under water coaster, NJ

Photo: Indicepr

Abandoned house in the woods

Photo: Twitter

The Church of Saint-Etienne-du-Mont, France

Photo: KulFoto

An abandoned doll factory in Spain

Photo: Publimetro

tree growing around an old bicycle

Photo: BlogSpot

Wrecks in the sandbar, the Bermuda Triangle

Photo: LiveJournal

Floating Forest, Sydney, Australia

Photo: Paradisepin

Abandoned Theater, Detroit, Michigan

Photo: Foiresaintgermain

Flood, create a mirror effect, Naval Shipyard Mar Island, California

Photo: Flickr

Treehouse, built in the Victorian style

Photo: BlogSpot

The collapse of the "TitanicĀ»

Photo: Mozima

Abandoned Railway Petite Ceinture, France

Photo: Unknown

Shpreepark, Berlin, Germany

Photo: 500px

The staircase to nowhere, Pismo Beach, California

Photo: Twitter

Abandoned park "Nara Dreamland", Japan

Photo: Chris Luckhardt

Abandoned water park

Photo: Combo.Blog

The abandoned office building, Italy

Photo: 500px

The church in the snow, Canada

Photo: Videisimo

The blue spiral staircase in one of the European castles

Photo: Matthias Haker

Testing station naval weapons, Makhachkala, Russia

Photo: JoyReactor

Abandoned House

Photo: Facebook

Cemetery of cars, Ardennes, Belgium

Photo: Rerun

Abandoned cars, Chernobyl, Ukraine

Photo: imgur

Flooded mall

Photo: Sickchirpse

I'm sure this place will long remain in your memory. I even ran a chill on the skin ... Share this terrible beauty of your friends!

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