Entrance to the transformation. On the interaction at the level of admiration.

The ability to admire - not necessarily violent expression of emotion
Admiration can be a state from which to anyone not looking, always finds an item that is able to admire.

In practice, the first attempt to express the admiration is artificial, strained, labored.

But when you catch a wave of admiration, you will see that the first launch artificially, then naturally begins to transform the space, and systems, people, events towards you unfold a completely different side. You start to see things differently, you do not need to invent anything.

And when you see that this is true, even more living space reveals the reasons for admiration. Unpacking a channel of interaction on a different frequency to the usual customary man event.

You can work out at the person with whom there are tense, tired of the relationship. Just start to see this as being something that can cause admiration, every time you meet him or think of him. Maybe at first it will be simple or primitive things, something from the past that a little far-fetched - it does not matter
It is important that this start to build an alternative network. chain interaction with the outside world to the other wave to a different frequency.

There are the usual network interaction. It is built through the collective field. In this network, all kinds of live parasitic forms, which are involved in the space of duality, polarity maintenance.

If the project structure on the position of a person standing - is the level of the diaphragm in the legs to the base of the feet, it is a twisted spatial network, the activity of which depends on the active frequency range of individual
. Range scattered in different states of manifestation and corresponds to the basic instincts.

When a person comes to the possibilities of perception and manifestation of the level of the heart, it starts trying to see, to look, to love, to be in the other states along with the surrounding natural world.

But when he falls he gets into the human field, it draws down under the diaphragm through the manifestation of template reactions. One has to be there more than this field razdergivaet, because he sees another quality - a man recruited delicious energy - it literally hunt for a man, it is a space, the entire network, which consists of a set of open toothy mouths, creating all sorts of precedents
Man holding in his position more or less, in any case, de-energized, because there is always access to it, because in spite of its ability to be present in a higher frequency and lower frequency is shifted slightly upwards, but the main bulk of basic instincts network - is dominant frequency.
When a person goes to the surprise, joy, and a basic framework - a delight, then, instead of the lower elements begins to activate an alternative network which is located above the heart, the diaphragm along the body up to the top and above, covering and activating the supreme nature of values ​​
Why is it artificially? In this space of the current social environment of life really paved the way interaction. There exist ways vertically, but horizontally path has to be laid, to be a pioneer.
When you start to delight spread: in one direction to another, one person to another, third, to one or another event (a painful event, you start to look for, what I am able to admire in it - it was painful, but so instructive,
it was killing, but brought this insight, so powerfully shifted, given such a strong state, the impressions).

Then you have not been able to experience another strong quality, these came, they were real. This is an example as any of the painful events that is perceived with difficulty, when you can not raise your head when you're hard, it's hard to breathe when oppresses and crushes, to reach the state of perfect swing open.

Once admiration begins to work, you feel ease around him, as if the air becomes cleaner and ozonated, your shoulders are easy. When it got into space and begin to build.

First you line up, then it starts to work: it becomes a living, active
. In such a process activity, the viability of developing a field approval, then you there is an alternative. If at the same time you are on your comfort level with your heart, the lower classes are not disabled, because this is the usual standard communication with the collective, but there is an alternative.

When you have a heart, and you start to pull in the lower strata of any structure, parasites as a food, then come out with their choice up - in the alternative network - and the lower classes do not have access to you
It does it automatically because you have another way. Moreover, the state of admiration, from which you look at all (even if you see the parasite begin to admire: Wow, what a monster, what for) this admiration dissolves those forms that operate at a low frequency, it does not kill them as such, if there is no such a problem, but this creature burn through access communication to you. Thus acquires a different effect.

There are possibilities levels when able to go through your body, look inside, admire and burn destructive, but it is not just important that opened this ability. This is an opportunity that can be trained.

First natreniruesh it for yourself, then you begin to see how people around are beginning to change, even those who escaped, who were uneasy with the interaction, in admiration appears the potential for disclosure to other parties of people.

People are beginning to seek you, begin to gravitate to you, t. To. Have a deep understanding of the output through your way, your possibilities.

It is also a healing channel - a very strong healing of the world, people, humanity, the energy structures, which are based on life-support system. now is the social space of these systems. System it is important to shift, but they can not move themselves. They can either be destroyed and re-created in another way, or those who are converted, can be converted by a person who is able to display in different quality, which carries a conversion algorithm. Such is the potential and possibilities are.

The difference from the joy.

Joy is one of the forms, degrees of admiration, it is impossible to create force.
Status of admiration - when the logical way you can build a chain to build the path, you come out and you catch voltage, and start to look: the more you can admire
Admire can even ugliness, which eventually leads to something.
Admire possible fortitude.

Admire the possible force of resistance to any situation.

Thus was born a state of rapture, it is usually on the breath, after the construction is built (surprise acts in a similar way) there is its content.

Wonders around the child, but an adult is not easy to be surprised, it lives built bounding mesh algorithms, it is closed to energy access. An adult person needs positive way of training yourself to go to familiar things unfamiliar way.

To make it easier to get into it, you can awaken the inner child or remember a small boy / girl 5 years. Age, when wide-eyed and open-mouthed staring at the world around us, and the observed picture fascinated.
Call the child to present himself to launch a surprise.

But admiration may come up with, bear, after him will reach joy, when you begin to really perceive and feel the circulation.

Learn to admire all what happened to encounter in everyday life situations. Apply for the disclosure of an alternative web of life in the higher possibilities of each moment. To achieve this feature, you need to put a conscious effort, desire, attention, energy boost.

Then the access is found in living space, working on other principles - the principles of excellence, and it is a treasure that can not be taken away, but it is possible to multiply by sharing with those who are able to accept, then the form and have other common characteristics, cultivate environment. Practice will give confirmation.


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