How to create a cozy winter atmosphere in Your apartment

Soft knitted plaids on the couch, family photos on the walls and dresser, warm flickering candlelight – we have learned from professional designers how to create cozy winter decor in the model apartment

Each season brings new experiences and emotions, makes a difference not only in lifestyle but in the situation at home. December is the best time to turn an apartment into a cozy nest, to create a festive atmosphere with decorations and lighting. We asked professional designers to share tips and talk about the most popular methods of transformation of the interior this winter.

  1. Add interior textiles

Update textiles is one of the universal ways to make changes in the interior of the house, to add mood and create a festive atmosphere. "Use a textured fabric: knitted woolen plaids, cozy small puffs with a nice touch of upholstery or pillows from fur of llamas – they are now in the trend, says designer Eugene Zhdanov. – Put on the couch, a cozy blanket, knitted pattern "spit", throw a couple of pillows with pillowcases made of natural or faux fur – you'll have a cozy corner where one can read or SIP tea on a cold winter day."


2. Light the candles

If you want to create a romantic house the cosy atmosphere, warm fire, candles – your choice. No need to wait for your holiday to arrange beautiful candle holders around the house. "Create the whole composition, experiment with the appearance of the candlesticks – they can be crystal, glass, brass," says the designer Ekaterina Kozlova. Use additional decor: in a large transparent vase place beautiful stones or lumps, put them on the plain candles – simply but effectively. Also interesting to look group of high candlesticks with thin candles – they give the interior of solemnity.


3. Update your curtains

"Replace the curtains to a more dense and soft. Ideally you should have two sets of textiles for Windows: summer and winter. You can easily and quickly transform the interior for the upcoming season. For winter formmenuitemlist curtains of velvet or fur," advises designer Irina Krasheninnikova. Textile must be more dense, opaque. Hang lined curtains: they not only visually, but also physically make the house warmer, protecting it from drafts.


4. Lay warm carpet

"If you have ever had a carpet in the living room – it's time to think about it! Warm fluffy textile on the floor is a must in our climate – it is not only warm, but also add to the interior play of textures and colors, – says the designer Oksana Panteleyev. – Pay attention to modern designs of rugs and carpets: now in trend simple shapes with geometric ornaments. Manufacturers offer a wide range of materials: from artificial to silk handmade carpets".


5. Install an electric fireplace

After a day's work to get in a comfortable chair next to the fireplace – the perfect winter picture. To implement it at home, pay attention to electric fireplaces for placement of which is not necessary to have a country house. "Now popular fireplaces distilled water with a fire effect and smoke. The effect of burning coals create LEDs hidden in the artificial coals, – says the architect Alexander Glickman. Such fireplaces not only create a cosiness in the house, but also moisturize dry, dehydrated radiators air".


6. Hang colorful paintings and posters

"Change paintings and photographs that hang on the walls – even such a small thing will help to upgrade the familiar interior. Especially great will look the work of contemporary artists — they have the energy and mood. Add bright accents — they will remind you of summer and warm," says designer Irina Bronnikova. Can't decide — not a problem. Collect children's drawings and create the most that neither is "adult" baguette. Home exhibition will create an especially homey atmosphere. published Author: Ira Kobylinska

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