Kelp is a super food from the sea floor!

Seaweed or kelp since ancient times is known as a valuable food product that supports health and active longevity of people. No wonder, the people of Japan and China call it "sea ginseng" and the "herb of immortality" and the claim that regular consumption of kelp in food is the key to their excellent health to a ripe old age.

About the magic properties of cabbage shows an ancient Japanese legend about the wise Emperor Shan gine.

During the cruel wars, when Japan was threatened with imminent death, Shan Gina cried out to the heavens and asked for help. The gods heard him and brought the gift of miracle drink, giving fearlessness, durability, strength and longevity. But there is a problem — how to deliver this wonderful drink in all the Islands of the state? And then the leader's daughter, a young beauty Yui, drink this divine drink and threw herself into the sea. And the gods turned her into a kelp that has mushroomed around the Islands. Tasting algae, starving the inhabitants gained strength and endurance and defeated the enemy.

What are the benefits of kelp. This aquatic plant belongs to the class of brown algae and grows in the cold waters of the Pacific and Atlantic oceans at a depth of from 4 to 10 meters. Sometimes "algal forests" can be found at greater depths reaching 35 meters. There are about 30 species of seaweed, but the most common are Japanese (Kombu), sugar and palchatorazdelnye.

The uniqueness of kelp is that it is one of the few plants water of the world, which has a perfectly balanced composition of vitamins, micro — and macroelements, proteins, polysaccharides and organic and polyunsaturated fatty acids. Many nutrients she's just like the pump, remove from water and accumulate them.

In this plant are present in almost all the vital minerals. All of which are associated with proteins that improves their absorption by the body. It is rich in potassium, sodium, magnesium, silicon, calcium, phosphorus, chlorine, iron, copper, zinc, vanadium, cobalt, manganese, molybdenum, and bromine. These substances nourish and balance the endocrine system, which regulates all biochemical processes in the human body.

But the most important advantage is the presence of large amounts of organic iodine. To make up for the daily dose of this trace element, a person need in a day to eat only 30 – 40 grams of fresh seaweed.

For anybody not a secret that iodine in the human body plays a very important role. It is the main component of thyroxine – the thyroid hormone that regulates metabolism and tissue respiration. It not only improves thyroid function but also regulates the activity of the ovaries, normalizes the menstrual cycle, removes manifestations of premenopause, reduces blood viscosity, reduces vascular tone and blood pressure, helps you to burn calories and straineth. And iodine kelp acts is many times more effective than preparations of inorganic iodine. So, kelp is the best remedy, both for prevention and for treatment of diseases of the thyroid gland and atherosclerosis. A great tool for weight loss!

Another important active component of this herb is the polysaccharide is alginic acid. It is part of the intercellular substance and the walls of algae and in its properties resembles the pectin contained in fruits and berries. While in the gastrointestinal tract, the alginic acid adsorbs radionuclides and salts of heavy metals, and leadeth them out. An interesting feature of alginic acid is its ability to form colloidal solutions, adsorbed on yourself 200-300 times the amount of liquid. This makes cabbage a great remedy for treatment of constipation. Absorbing water and increasing in volume, it irritates the receptors of the intestinal wall and stimulates peristalsis.

In leaves and roots of aquatic plants (thalli), they also contain vitamins B1, B2, B12, D, beta-carotene and C. the content of vitamin C it is ahead of only lemon.

Thanks to this rich composition of cabbage out of the sea well established as a drug in the treatment of many diseases, the history of the use of this tool begins with antiquity. Ancient healers used seaweed in the treatment of endemic goiter, digestive disorders, anemia, as a diuretic in renal and cardiac edema, cystitis, avitaminosis, hypertension.

From it is prepared teas and infusions, and the powder did warm compresses.

In Japan kelp even boiled soup. It was the perfect food for recuperation from childbirth after the birth. Due to the high content of calcium and other minerals, and this soup helped to stop the bleeding, improved contractile function of uterus, strengthen the skeletal system and teeth, provided the normal work of the thyroid gland.

Practical British baked kelp bread. They considered this Alga is an aphrodisiac and used it during sexual dysfunction in men and women.

More than 100 years in Japan, Germany, Switzerland and other countries from the leaves (thalli) a seaweed made and still make special sticks that they use for cicatricial stenosis of the cervix, in the preparation of the cervix for childbirth and abortion.

Today "marine ginseng" has not lost its popularity. This is a super-food for anyone to take care of your health! Japanese doctors claim that the algae must be in the diet of every person, especially after forty years, and then you can avoid many diseases and to be full of strength and energy until old age.

Seaweed can be cooked many different dishes. It is sold canned, preserved in dried form, in powder form. It is a medicinal raw materials for the production of iodine. Still in Japan, the iodine preparations are made only from kelp. published


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