Miracle means of pomegranate peels.

I have found, discovered and patented (priority since the end of 1996) universal natural medicine: dry aqueous extract of pomegranate peels. It heals from any injury strain (or 5 hours per week) of the following diseases:

1. Dysentery - 5 hours.

2. Salmonellosis (there are about 400 strains) - 5 hours.

3. Cholera - 5 hours.

4. Typhoid fever - 5 hours.

5. Gastric ulcer - this week.

6. ulcer bowel (small intestine) - per week.

7. Colitis (colon) - for the week.

8. Dysbacteriosis - this week.

9. Acute appendicitis - 5 hours and the need for surgery eliminated.

In August 1985, my family has managed to get to a cholera epidemic in the Sea of ​​Azov, in a boarding house near the town of Berdyansk. Water extract of pomegranate peels I cured his family in 5 hours, neighbors and treating physicians to disclose the recipe. Within one or two days of the epidemic is over. But only in the summer camps with a temperature of 40 degrees, and loose stools 15-20 times a day, lay 5,500 children, and medical drugs were ineffective. In addition, all pensions were filled with children. Mutant cholera "O-157 Bengal" (where the letter "O" means - cholera) affects children up to 18 years, and was sick adult, but they barely survived. There were reasons to believe that this biological weapons.

11 years later, in 1996, the "O-157 Bengal" raged a few months in Japan, affecting children under 18 years. With great difficulty, Japanese doctors cope with the epidemic. Soon the "O-157 Bengal" has caused the epidemic in the United States, and we can only guess, whether accidentally brought from Japan, or Japanese security services returned the alleged organizer of an epidemic outbreak. But what is surprising is that the United States did not even have rebelled and offended by Japan, but only giggled that unlike Japan they quickly cope with the epidemic.

Patenting of the drug (1996) was preceded by a mandatory test in a medical facility of its ability to inhibit bacteria, "John Vietri" (in vitro). With 1 ml (1 g), water infusion pomegranate peels killed: 1) 1 billion. (109) cholera germs; 2) 0, 1 billion. (108), salmonella germs; 3) 0, 1 billion. (108) dysentery germs.

I am confident that 1 ml of water infusion would kill 10 billion. Microbial cells, and asked about it. Such amount would not let me, explaining that, and so concentrated in Moscow, the equivalent of an atomic bomb. And that these figures came from the second call. After the killing of 106-107 (0, 001-0, 01 billion.) Microbial cells, doctors did not believe it, considering that it can not be, and wanted to double-check. When making protocol shyly asked my permission to do the protocol required a comparison of the new drug with the best existing, and the best available (John Vietri) killed 105 (hundreds of thousands) of microbial cells. The new drug is superior to them in the order of 3-4. And when you consider that in 1 ml of an aqueous infusion of active substances 1-2 orders of magnitude less than the best medical preparations, the superiority of a new drug on the existing amount to 5-6 orders of magnitude, ie. E. Better than 1 million. Times. < br />
Any studied physics know that the superiority of the new over the old order of 2-3 means the opening of a new effect in science, and in this case the superiority of 5-6 orders of magnitude. Chemicals (eg, antibiotics) kill everything, and disease-causing bacteria, and (necessary) healthy bacteria and the body's cells, causing the immune system to fight against the body itself on survival. The advantage of the new natural herbal preparation is that it selectively kills only bacteria and does not cause any harm to healthy bacteria in the stomach and intestines. Examples of this are: the treatment of dysentery, cholera, stomach ulcers, intestinal ulcers, dysbiosis, and so on. D.

Authorities of medical science, both ours and foreign, have long spoken and written in large medical literature that the creation of a universal remedy is impossible and that it is necessary to choose (create) a medicine for each strain (man tormented by the disease, and they determine which strain and how to treat).

Also I have proposed the world's first universal herbal preparation, which effectively suppresses any bacteria throughout the gastrointestinal tract of humans regardless of their strains and mutations, including those that may occur in hundreds or thousands of years. This drug is fully and very convincingly refutes the opinion of those scientists, whether one likes it or not like somebody. This discovery in medical science world level. This discovery provides the right direction for medical science to develop drugs of the future. This is a turning point in the history of medical science and medicine. And not to accept the opening of the part of scholars is to sign in to their incompetence, incompetence and ignorance, and even get stuck in with the history of the development of medical science and medicine, exposing themselves to ridicule both present and future generations.

After obtaining a patent for the treatment of aqueous extract of dry pomegranate peels (1999), I turned to the Pharmacological Committee of the Ministry of Health to allow the use of this natural product, including for a new purpose, ie. A. Physician Hippocrates treated them dysentery. For information on this in the scientific literature of the USSR Academy publications and other publications. What I was denied because the plant is not contained in pomegranate "State Pharmacopoeia" (oak there, birch, too, and there is a grenade). The physician Hippocrates nearly 2,500 years ago cured dysentery for 5 hours. Modern medicine cures dysentery during 100 times greater. Consequently, the only treatment of the disease for 2500 years, our medicine is degraded 100 times. And other diseases? And if not close our medicine degradation to 2,500 times for the treatment of other diseases? But judging by the incurable HIV and AIDS, we approached not only to 2,500 times, but even reached infinity.

After that I wrote a long article "The Forgotten Hippocrates and treatment plants," the newspaper "Russian Messenger», № 50-51, 1999

A quarter century ago, the Russian State Library (RSL, but then it was called otherwise) I have read the report by American scientists in research and verification of science itself, commissioned by the US big business. As US scientists have found in any science the number of people with high creative potential (t. E. Those who really introduced new to science) is from 1% to 1, 5% of scientists. The remaining 98, 5-99% of scientists are people with low creativity, or, as they called, drones in science. These scientists are not able to add anything new to science (in Russia has long said he had the gift of God, or they will not God). In the future, for the sake of brevity, let's talk about 1% and 99% of researchers, and it is closer to the truth, t. To. Many of this 1% were forced to take a co-author of its leaders, chiefs and so on. D. This 1% of scientists with a high creative potential, as it were pre-programmed to the great success of the cause they have chosen, and with a minimum expenditure of funds for the firm. Scientists with low creativity (99%) often involve firms in large, expensive projects with unpredictable or uncertain result. A certain part of the 99% of scientists prone to costly frank adventures in science.

Preparation of a scientist in the United States is worth many hundreds of thousands of dollars, and then for each one of the 99 scientists have drones in science. In the United States tried to save these drones in science. The total number of scientists decreased by 2 times, and gifted people to manifest itself at the Olympics, graduated with honors from the school and institutions that create a vertical lift in science. After sufficient time summed up and tears. Again came the ratio of 1% and 99%, and after a total number of scientists decreased by 2 times, and lost 2 times, t. To. The number of scientists with high creative potential is also reduced by 2 times. It is concluded that there is laid some fundamental unknown law of nature, in which the drones are also necessary. We made a decision to restore the previous number of scientists. A number of scientists with high creative potential to bring up to 2-3% by skupaniya a lot of money scientists with high creative potential in other countries (not those who show degrees with academic degrees and titles, and those who have contributed to the science). It is expensive skupanie brain is much cheaper than to keep a whole army of drones, 99% in science. And these people are paid very high salaries, even by the standards of the United States. And 99% of scientists unite to occupy senior positions in science and industry. By contrast, 1% is not inclined to unions, and to associate something he had no one. On the direct question of big business: to help these scientists from 99% 1%, not hinder or interfere with, followed by a straight answer: create problems and interfere. Gave advice to managers of large firms: identification at the firm of scientists (ie. E. Of 1% or gold-collar workers), output from the subordination of all its officers and subordinate themselves personally. Pay higher wages and provide them the opportunity to do what they wish (these people sit around can not, and their brain is constantly working at home and at work). Once every 3-6 months to invite these people to the office for a cup of tea or coffee, interested in their affairs and find out if they needed any help. Even if this person will work not related to the profile of the company, it is still his work will ensure the prosperity of the company over the next 20-30 years.

During the years of existence of the USSR State Committee of the USSR for inventions and discoveries in all fields of science (and so many of them) registered 205 discoveries in science. It is difficult to imagine what a high price in the economy of the state has paid for each opening. And the state is proud of these discoveries.

But in today's Russia made a discovery in medical science, created the world's first universal medicine, and it turned out to be useless to the state, the Academy of Sciences, the Ministry of Health and Medicine. For some countries we state, but even more strange RAMS and RF Ministry of Health. After all, according to statistics, one discovery in science 500-1000 falls on scientists with a high creative potential.

 - I do treatment plants. Higher technical education. In December 1999, the newspaper "Russian Messenger» √ 50-51 (444-445) published my article "The Forgotten Hippocrates and treatment plants", which is given me a recipe patented method of treatment of dysentery, cholera, salmonellosis aqueous extract of dried peels of pomegranate 5 hours.

In the newspaper "Russian Messenger», № 17-18 2007 published my article "How to get rid of HIV and AIDS and what it is." It referred to the rapid healing of dry aqueous extract of pomegranate peels:

1. Cure 5 hours from any strain of dysentery, salmonellosis, typhoid fever, cholera, acute appendicitis (the need for surgery is no longer).

2. Healing one week from the following diseases: gastric ulcer, bowel (small intestine), colitis - inflammation in the colon, bacteria overgrowth.

At the request of readers I give the recipe of water infusion of dried peels of pomegranate and its applications.

The approximate weight ratio of dry pomegranate peels and boiling water 1:20. The preheated cup, a glass or a glass jar to put about 10-12 g of dried peels of pomegranate and pour 200 ml of boiling water (you can in the container to pour 200 ml of tap water, drop 10-12 g pomegranate peels electroboilers and bring to a boil, but do not boil). Cover with a saucer or paper, folded in 4 layers. Infuse for 25-30 minutes, and you can start drinking. Corky is not thrown away, insisting continues. Once filled peel boiled water - treatment began, and those 25-30 minutes of the infusion container with peels of pomegranate should be close to those who are treated.

Preparation of an aqueous infusion of dried peels of pomegranate to treat all of the same disease. Application - different.

I. For the cure in 5 hours 1) dysentery; 2) salmonellosis; 3) typhoid fever; 4) cholera; 5) acute appendicitis - drink water infusion as:

1. After the infusion for 25-30 minutes to drink about half of the liquid (half a cup). Infusion does not percolate, insisting continues. Again, cover and saucer. If after 10 minutes it felt healthy, then there was the usual stomach upset (diarrhea), and it is completely healed. It is safe to indulge in any travel, t. To. Diarrhea and constipation you will not.

2. If after 10 minutes not feel recovered, then you or dysentery or salmonellosis, or typhoid fever or cholera. You need to stay at home and after 3 hours to drink the remaining water infusion. The treatment process lasts 3 hours (with the infusion of 3, 5 hours), and recovery occurs in 5 hours after the start of treatment.

II. To cure for 1 week from: 1) gastric ulcers; 2) ulcer bowel (small intestine); 3) colitis (inflammation of the colon); 4) dysbiosis - drink water infusion of dried peels of pomegranate as:

1. After the infusion for 25-30 minutes to start drinking. During the day, drink about half the water infusion (90-100 ml) of 4 receiving approximately equal portions and after approximately equal periods of time, t. E. Approximately 20-25 ml per 1 serving. Drinking on an empty stomach, with the 1st appointment in the morning, after waking up, and 4 th reception at night, before bedtime.

2. Drink water infusion every day of the week, and the next day, that is. E. In the days of the week 1, 3, 5, 7 - to drink the infusion and on days 2, 4, 6 - do not drink the infusion (rest from treatment).

3. This is enough for a complete cure. But if someone wants reassurance to continue treatment, such as stomach ulcers, it is possible not earlier than a week repeat-week course of treatment.

4. In the course of treatment does not percolate water infusion - continuing insistence.

5. In this case, the treatment is contraindicated strong, especially contraindicated during the reception water infusion.

6. The essence of treatment consists in the fact that throughout the gastrointestinal tract is constantly suppressed all bacteria (healthy bacteria are not suppressed) and their locations have successfully colonize healthy, necessary for human bacteria.

7. In addition to the above, it is known that Hippocrates treating this aqueous extract, cut and stab wounds. Superimposed on the wound net (c / b) cloth that has been soaked in water infusion of dried peels of pomegranate. This cloth is constantly kept moist until wound healing.


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