Pomegranate is the cure that healed Hippocrates

Ninety two million two hundred forty eight thousand nine hundred thirty seven

1. Dysentery passes – 5 hours.

2. Salmonella for 5 hours.

3. Gastric ulcer in a week.

4. Colitis (colon) – for a week.

5. This download is for the week…

6. Acute appendicitis in 5 hours.

The recipe of preparation of water extract of dried peels of pomegranate and its application.

The approximate weight ratio of dry pomegranate peel and boiling water 1:20. In a pre-heated Cup, a glass or glass jar to put about 10-12 g of dried peels of pomegranate and pour 200 ml of boiling water (in the container pour 200 ml of raw water, drop 10-12 grams pomegranate peels and kettle bring to a boil, but do not boil). Cover with a saucer or paper, folded in 4 layers. To insist 25-30 minutes, and you can start to drink. Peel do not throw, infusion continues. Once filled cover with boiling water — treatment started, and those 25-30 minutes of steeping capacity of pomegranate peel should be with someone who treated.

Preparation of water extract of dried peels of pomegranate for the treatment of all these diseases the same way. The application is different.

To cure for 5 hours:

1) dysentery, 2) Salmonella; 3) typhoid fever; 4) cholera; 5) acute appendicitis — use water infusion so:

1. After insisting for 25-30 minutes to drink about half of liquid (half Cup). Don't strain the infusion, infusion continues. And again cover with a saucer. If after 10 minutes, then felt sick, so it was a normal upset stomach (diarrhea) and it is fully cured. It is safe to indulge in any traveling, since diarrhea and constipation.

2. If after 10 minutes did not feel recovered, then you have or dysentery, or Salmonella, or typhoid, or cholera. You need to stay at home after 3 hours to drink the remaining water extract. The treatment process lasts 3 hours (with insistence 3.5 hours), and recovery occurs after 5 hours after the start of treatment.

To cure for 1 week from:

1) stomach ulcers; 2) ulcers of the intestine (small intestine); 3) colitis (inflammation of the colon); 4) dysbiosis — use water infusion of dry peels of pomegranate fruit so:

1. After insisting for 25-30 minutes getting a drink. Throughout the day drink about a half of infusion of water (90-100 ml) for 4 doses approximately equal portions and in approximately equal intervals of time, i.e., approximately 20-25 ml for 1 admission. Drinking on an empty stomach, and 1st time in the morning, after sleep, and a 4th reception at night, before bed.

2. Drink the water extract every day of the week, and the next day, i.e. week 1, 3, 5, 7 — to drink the infusion, and on days 2, 4, 6 — do not drink the infusion (break from treatment).

3. This is sufficient for complete cure. But if someone for reassurance, wants to continue treatment, such as stomach ulcers, it is possible not earlier than in a week repeat week course of treatment.

4. In the treatment process of water infusion is not strain — infusion continues.

5. In this treatment, alcohol is contraindicated, especially contraindicated in the days of the aqueous infusion.

6. The essence of treatment is that in the entire gastrointestinal tract are constantly suppressed all bacteria (healthy bacteria are not suppressed) and their location successfully colonize healthy necessary for human bacteria.

7. In addition to the above, it is known that Hippocrates was treating this water infusion cut and stab wounds. The wound superimposed clean (cotton) cloth pre-soaked in water infusion of dry peels of pomegranate fruit. The cloth is constantly kept moist until the wound heals.


Garnet – red with ruby fruit seed pulp is one of the most nutritious fruits on the earth. The roots of its name – in the Latin word granatus, which means "granular". And useful in it... all the skins, and the pulp of the fruit and its juice, and the flowers of the tree, and the roots…

Avicenna in his treatises recalled grenades 150 times and all for different reasons!

Pomegranate in cosmetics is almost essential. As a component of many creams, oils and ointments it perfectly smoothes and whitens your skin also helps to get rid of pigmental spots and freckles.

Grenades perfectly strengthens your nails and makes it resistant and strong your hair is.



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