10 properties of garnets of which you've never heard of

It's amazing what a miracle this fruit is one of the healthiest fruits in the world!

Paradise apple, tempted Eve; the fruit of the tree which is planted in Cyprus Aphrodite; berry juice called "love potion" and sold as a strong aphrodisiac - it is nothing like grenades! Ornamental plant pomegranate fruit, ripening in late autumn, has surrounded himself with an incredible amount of myths and legends about its properties. Especially for the readers, I collected only the facts of the real benefits of the pomegranate to the human body.

1. It activates hormones
Oils that are contained in the bones pomegranate perfectly restore the hormonal balance in the body. Therefore, it is recommended to eat pomegranate seeds, especially in the case of painful menstruation, headaches, or the appearance of menopause.

2. Natural insulin
Pomegranate fruits - one of the few sweets that are not only acceptable, but also beneficial to diabetics. Eating just half a teaspoon of pomegranate juice 4 times a day before a meal can significantly reduce blood sugar levels.

3. Increases hemoglobin
Pomegranate has long been known as the best means to combat anemia. People suffering from anemia enough to use diluted pomegranate juice at 0, 5 cup 3 times a day 30 minutes before meals for 2 months.

4. disinfects the mouth and throat
If tonsillitis, pharyngitis, as well as stomatitis useful gargle and mouth water decoction of pomegranate rind or pomegranate juice. Tannins relieve pain, and organic acids destroy the infection.

5. Lowers pressure
Pomegranate seeds - a real godsend for hypertensive patients, as they very gently lower blood pressure without causing adverse effects on the body. A membrane of pomegranate, dried and added to tea, to help calm the nervous system, to get rid of anxiety and establish night's sleep.

6. Excellent cosmetic
Mask of lightly toasted, crushed pomegranate peel with butter or olive oil - an excellent tool for those who have oily skin of the face, acne and festering rashes. A powder of the dried peel can effectively treat burns, cracks and scratches.

7. Reduces inflammation
A decoction of the bark of pomegranate is very useful in various inflammatory diseases (kidney, liver, ears, eyes, joints, gynecological organs). To make it, you must pour 2 teaspoons of crushed bark and 1 cup hot water, then boiled in a water bath for 30 minutes, strain, wring out and diluted with boiled water. Take a decoction of 50 grams must be 2-3 times a day for 30 minutes before eating.

8. Conclusions radiation
An indispensable element of the diet of everyone who works with radioactive isotopes, or live in an area of ​​high radiation is pomegranate juice.

9. Powerful anthelminthic
The bark of a ripe pomegranate contains alkaloids pelterin, izopelterin metilizopelterin and who have a strong anthelminthic action. To get rid of worms, to insist 40-50 g of crushed bark in 400 g of cold water for 6 hours, and then boil on low heat until half the liquid has evaporated. The cooled broth strain and drink for an hour in small portions. An hour later, drink a laxative, and after 4-5 hours to do an enema.

10. The remedy for diarrhea
The bark and pomegranate fruits have astringent properties, so they are used against diarrhea, colitis and enterocolitis. For adults, it is recommended to take a pinch of dried, shredded bark pomegranate 3 times daily after meals, and children for this purpose enough to give fruit juice diluted by half with water. In the case of infectious diarrhea, polyphenols contained in the pomegranate peel, effectively reduce the growth of dysentery bacillus and other pathogens.

Garnet - One of the most useful fruits in the world. It has been known since ancient times. References to it are found even in the Bible. Now you know how to use, you can enjoy this wonderful gift of nature.


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