Every year they massacred hundreds of whales. Not everyone have the courage to look at these photos.

In the light of the place and is still taking place just unimaginable things, full of injustice and inhumanity, sometimes quite meaningless.

Such is the cruel tradition of whaling and the Faroe Islands: every summer they organize a massive hunt for the grind - round-headed whale. With the help of these photos that's activists Environmental Protection Sea Sheperd want to draw public attention to the incredible cruelty.

Whaling in the Faroe Islands has existed since the 16th century, the first documentary evidence dating back to 1709 year. Most of the victims of the whalers are round-headed whales, also known as pilot whales or dolphins black. B>


Photo: Nationalmuseet

Before, fishermen hunted whales on conventional wooden boats. Providence had not yet been put on a grand scale, and the whales did not threaten such a danger. B>


Photo: Nationalmuseet

The seabed off the islands just did strewn with bones and skulls of whales, which is a proof of how many deaths of marine mammals have entailed this cruel tradition.


Photo: Sea Sheperd

Who would have guessed, looking at the seascape that every summer in these islands unfolding dramatic events.


Photo: Sea Sheperd

Currently, the annual catch of whales, which in Faroese language called «Grindadráp», applied modern technology. And that leaves animals more less chance of rescue. B>


Photo: carstenfonsdal

A herd of whales being driven to the islands, where they can expect a real chopper.


Photo: carstenfonsdal

All the time the same thing every time a battle for life and death, in which the animals are inevitably defeated.


Photo: ladyLara

With the help of an aerial survey can see the full extent of this terrible action, blood stains the water of dead whales in the bay in red.


Photo: carstenfonsdal

Dead whales dozen pulled out of the water with ropes and placed on the bank.


Photo: carstenfonsdal

This is a terrible result of fishing days: 40 killed whales, both gutted and stacked in rows. We have a system of terror ...


Photo: Sea Sheperd

You can only imagine what it's gone through the suffering of the animal. And all this - a tribute to the tradition, because the meat of whales does not occupy a special place in the menu of the islanders. B>


Photo: Sea Sheperd

On top of all this cruelty terrible picture: gutted a female whale, among which the viscera on the pavement - young, who did not leave any chance for life.


Photo: Sea Sheperd

And for what all this suffering? In the end, a dead baby is no longer needed in a dumpster. B>


Photo: Sea Sheperd

But the main thing - the children had fun. In what world we live in? B>


Photo: Sea Sheperd

Simply unthinkable! Death, suffering, blood - all of this is simply intolerable for a normal person. This madness must be stopped immediately! Few are aware of these massacres taking place on the outskirts of Europe.

So share this article with others. It should be stopped immediately!

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