Whales in the desert. Eastern Sahara (12 photos)

Eastern Sahara, were once the ocean floor, keeps the secret of one of the most amazing transformations in the history of the animal world. Thirty-seven million years ago, a 15-meter flexible beast with a huge mouth and sharp teeth died and sank to the bottom of the ancient Tethys Ocean. Now in the wilderness are huge skeletons of whales.

Imagine that instead of the desert - the sea, where whales swim and dive

Jaws whale look out from a cliff in the desert of Wadi Al-Hitan, where the Giza Pyramids less than 160 kilometers. "In the Egyptian tale mentioned sea serpent - says paleontologist Philip Gingerich. - Perhaps it inspired the writers of the remnants of these animals. "

"The fossils of whales - one of the wonders of God", - says Sameh Mohammad (Chief superintendent Wadi Al-Hitan), clearing with Iyad Zalmutom dorudon skeleton. Thanks to these findings Wadi Al-Hitan is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Skeleton basilosaurus (15 meters)
Team William Sanders spent a year trying to make the whole cast of the skeleton basilosaurus whose edges are located in the foreground of this picture, and bells - in the background. Castings are painted to resemble the color of the fossils.


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