Russian Championship (40 photos)

Yesterday I was for the first time brought to the Russian Championship-7 among women. Do not ask how. Played 10 teams: the team of the Moscow Region, Krasnodar Territory team, "Dynamo" (Kazan) team of the Saratov region, "Petrel" (Novokuznetsk), "Krasny Yar" (Krasnoyarsk), RSSU RK "Don" (Rostov-on-Don) "Glory" (Moscow), "Khimki" (Moscow Region), "Olympus" (Dagestan). Two halves of 7 minutes and a two-minute break. 7 players to play 7.

Play hard. Grabbed by the hair, so many hairstyles in the form of small braids, close to the head. Many grabs the neck. In the men's rugby for it would be removed from the field, and the judge here just screams "Careful!". Mother. Some teams swear vengeance, some not. But the coaches all the mothers at the girls. Most pleased coach of Dagestan. In such a hat and walked swore. He has the pictures.

In the ambulance on my eyes sent two girls. One at the hands of the coach carried through the entire field. Touching. Women have a very strong-willed stubborn. Of these can be quite shoot down military unit.

Seen different levels of training teams. Someone coaches, all in science, a set of forms for training and games, and someone one training ball for the whole team.

First tried pofotkat sporting event. Also an interesting experience.
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