Tiring slow kinosmerti

If a normal person gets a bullet, arrow, or cobble especially large sizes, it usually dies quickly. And only in the cinema in the process of dying some people manage to make more than others, some for a lifetime.

"Anaconda" US, 1997

Who and why killed hunter (Jon Voight) catches a giant anaconda, alluring it on two defenseless people. Snake decides to eat him.

What time to make the process of dying: suffocation, with fractured bones hunter makes a fascinating journey through the womb anacondas (we see the scene right out of her womb), manages to talk his feet from the mouth of a snake, and from there to vomit half-digested, but still living form. And all this in order to wink before his death stunned with fear Jennifer Lopez.
Duration of dying: 3 min.

"Communist" of the USSR, 1958

Who and why kill the bandits-Whites - Commissioner Gubanov (Eugene Urbanski), sent from the city to the countryside in the procurement of grain.
What time to make the process of dying: to get one for a deadly gang bullets from pistols, Gubanov dangerously long is the enemy, not taking his eyes from the suffering, a bright future until he drops dead. And if he had a gun, I went to two-part film.
Duration of dying: 5 min.

"Lord of the Rings" USA, 2001

Who and why killed: a man named Boromir (Sean Bean) wanted to usurp the Ring and must atone for this sin with blood.
What time to make the process of dying: chop orcs left and right, what attracts the attention of the commander, who shoots him in the chest. With an arrow in his chest continued to fight for another two minutes and a second. With two arrows in his chest kills two orcs and fights with the third. The third arrow cast down to the earth, but death is not before he finishes talking heart to heart with another hero appeared in time.
Duration of dying: 8 min.

"Scarface" US, 1983

Who and why killed: Florida drug mafia boss Tony Montana (Al Pacino) kill disgruntled rivals from another clan.
What time to make the process of dying: the wounded to death with a pistol shot Tony kills more people 45 and then gets on the stairs in the position of the target, throwing arm and delivers a monologue Superman ("Idiots, I have the same bullets do not take, do not you know who CONTACT »). Continuing to shoot and rant, gets another 100 pieces of bullets from rifles and control shot of shotgun, and then falls into the pool, and dies. What is called, he lived and died with fanfare.
Duration of dying for 10 minutes.

"The Naked Gun" parts 1 and 2 1/2, USA, 1988-91

Who and why killed: Agent Nordberg (OJ Simpson 0) die (almost) at the hands of the mafia. What time to perform the process (preliminary) dying: received eight bullets in all vital parts of the body, grabs the red-hot pipe hits the freshly painted door, nip hand window frame fall face in the cake gets a foot in the trap, falls overboard and drowns . During the film Nordberg strangled pillow smeared on the wall, fold in half along with a bed and beaten on the head with a vase. Finally his torment ended only in the second series of "Gun" where he really died.
Duration of dying: almost two movies.

"Leon" France-USA, 1994

Who and why killed: Agent Norman Stansfield (Gary Oldman) takes killer Leon (Jean Reno).
What time to make the process of dying: riddled with bullets kills 200 riot police, borrowed form the mask, a mask and a set of grenades at one of the corpses, quietly goes out, he gets a bullet in the back and hands Stansfeld parting gift from himself and Matilda - the fuse from grenades, which he hung.
Duration of dying: 15 min.

"Cape Fear" US 1991

Who and why killed: maniac Max Cady (Robert De Niro), avenging his lawyer.
What time to make the process of dying: received burns to the face and torso of a minimum of 2 nd degree, Cady manages to cool them in the river and fight with a lawyer. After hitting a huge cobblestones in the head suspiciously slowly sinking, playing with the terrible gurgling voice some cheerful song.
Duration of dying: 16 min.

"Throne of Blood" Japan, 1957

Who and why killed: Taketori Vashizu (Toshiro Mifune), a Japanese Macbeth; cm. Shakespeare play.
What time to make the process of dying: istykanny dozens of arrows Vashizu passes an endless string of balconies and galleries of the palace. Last arrow pierces through his neck. Resembling a porcupine stoned, he slowly down the stairs, falling in a cloud of dust and dying.
Duration of dying: 6 min.

"Agony" USSR, 1981

Who and why killed: the holy elder Gregory Rasputin (Alexei Petrenko) for debauchery and political intrigue.
What time to make the process of dying: the poisoned impregnated with poison cakes, Rasputin gets shot at point blank range, goes out, gets a couple of bullets moving towards Sink, long walks on the ice, scary eyes rolling, and finally dies - but not from bullets and poison, and drowned in the river on their own.
Duration of dying: 7 min.

"Dead or alive" Japan, 1999

Who and why killed Detective Dzhozhima kills gangster Ryuichi (Riki Takeuchi).
What time to make the process of dying: Ryuichi gets out of the car exploded, pulls out from the side boltoobraznuyu detail separates himself hanging on the flap of skin hand 15 times shoots a gun, gets the same number of bullets in response, fires a grenade that faces flying towards the ball unknown origin, and explodes.
Duration of dying: 7 min.



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