A warning to moms of boys: AS I brought up the soldiers in Russia

We all have heard about the harsh rigours of military training in ancient Sparta. But how many people know how educated warriors and defenders of the state of our ancestors, the inhabitants of Russia? It appears almost as severely as the Spartans.

In fairness, it should be noted that in Russia all men were considered warriors, this tradition has been going on since the era of the so-called "military democracy". Of course, were trained knights, who dedicated his entire life to the war, but to possess military skills were all young men and adult men, whether citizens, farmers or hunters. We must remember that growing up at that time was faster than it is now. Male at 14-16 years old was considered old enough and able to start an independent life, to marry. For the farmer the whole community had built the house, boyar son entered military service, the young Prince has been running the castle.

In addition, the people of that time differed greatly from today, and a comparison will be not in our favor. Almost all of them were mentally and physically healthier. All painful children died in the first years or after the birth — natural selection operated. Survived the most healthy, in the future, the constant hard physical labor of the husbandman, the artisan, the hunter, the warrior strengthened them. In the society of Russia there was no current defects industrial and postindustrial societies — alcoholism, drug addiction, prostitution, fornication, obesity from lack of exercise, overeating, etc.

The first step in becoming a man was the initiation, the transition from the age of infancy to the status of the child (the child) — in 2-3 years. This milestone was marked by the tonsure and planting on the horse. Four years for the upbringing of the child was taken "guys". "Uncle" — a certain military structure, guardianship, traditional Russes. They had a difficult share of responsibility for the learning that took place through a series of initiations and empowerments, producing psychological stability of a young warrior.

This is a very important psychological milestone, he created the boys in a special mood, laid the basic principles of existence. The boys set up on the fact that they are the defenders of their family, community, city, region, the entire "Light Russia". They laid the rod that determined their fate. Very sorry that this tradition is almost lost now. In today's world men are mostly brought up by women — at home, in kindergartens, in schools, in universities.

In Eastern Russia there was no special military schools (at least there is no credible evidence pointing to their existence). They were replaced by practice, tradition, discipleship. From early childhood boys are taught to arms. Overcome with fear and hiding her emotions, the young man proved his maturity. Then, based on the hard school of military doctrine, and the hilt of the knife, he went out into the woods behind the bearskin. Try for a moment to imagine all paints the image of a huge forest giant, roaring in front of you. Heavy clawed paws capable of one movement to break the ribs and tear the body, against a knife and human skill.

Come down to legends, after defeating an angry bear, the young man turned into a warrior-werewolf, as if absorbing the spirit of the dead animal. About his neck hung the amulet from bear claws. This tradition has strengthened the endurance of a warrior, giving him a strong psychological support in any situation. In the game and national games that develop coordination, agility and speed was the childhood, laying a few more than just the ability, but what is sometimes impossible to learn fearlessness.

The study was conducted at the level of teacher — student, compare: in Russia before the XVIII century the University was not, but the city and churches were built, cannons and bells were cast, wrote the book, the level of education of the population in X–XVIII centuries was significantly higher than the European (and hygiene). Skills were passed on from teachers to the disciples in practice to be a master-architect Russian people were not in a special school, and became a disciple of the master, in the military as well.


Playing "king of the mountain" eventually escalated into fights "wall to wall", and then on to the construction of military orders. Gradually, from simple to complex, from playing snowballs to prevarication hail of deadly arrows, and cane fighting, to chopping swords.Guardianship "uncles" ended after initiation of students into professional soldiers. From them was selected the host — the princely retinue. The crucial role played by practice, Russia waged constant war with the neighbouring Nations, were not uncommon and strife. Lack of real combat conditions did not exist, the young warriors could practice to check myself. Of course, the war took his "tribute", but those who survived got a unique lesson. In one school these "lessons" will not receive.

Historically, that Russ was always forced to fight in the minority. So the squad had to use any, even a slight advantage. The soldiers, from childhood grew up in these places, it was used to fight in poor visibility conditions and constrained space, for example, in a dense forest. Hence the battle tactics to battle alone, even in the full environment.

Legends say that one combatant went to battle with ten and sometimes a hundred enemies. So plunged into the horror of the invaders Damian Kudrevich leaving one to fight even without a helmet and armor. Probably a lot of everyday details Polovtsian army, which he drove from the walls of Pereyaslavl with six brothers.

A warrior who fought alone, the highest degree of military skill. For a warrior no matter how many enemies to bring down their swords. As a rule, he was not holding the shield, and preferred and second hand to take the weapon.


Damian Kudrevich – wandering warrior-guard, storm the Polovtsy, a man of phenomenal strength. Without committing himself to the service of any Prince, not looking for corruptible wealth, he and his small detachment constantly patrolled the outskirts of the desert. In one of the skirmishes with the Polovtsy were seriously wounded. He was brought to town and placed in the princely chambers of Mstislav, that all the time spent at the bedside of the dying, and took his last breath, giving myself a word to replace Damian at the border.

Thank God, not extinct in our time men are warriors, and while there is still defenders.

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