30 heart touching love story

In world cinema there are many movies about love that have different endings: sad, sad, fun and unusual. But not quite a lot of films, so that at the end of the viewing we take for the soul. We will pick You up for just such films. May of the following films you many have seen, well, the best always becomes known to many people. Pleasant viewing!

1. Titanic (Titanic 1997)

The film is completely based on real events — one of the biggest disasters of the 20th century was the death of the "unsinkable" liner Titanic. The plot is tightly intertwined the fate of the steel giant and many people connected with it. And the main actors becomes young couple. Two lovers from different strata of society.

2. Hachiko: the Most loyal friend (Hachi: A Dog's Tale 2008)

Parker Wilson at a train station found a lost puppy. Because for him no one came, the Professor was obliged to keep it. For a while, while the dog lived with Parker, they started a real friendship. Every day Hachiko accompanied his master to the station, and in the evening came to meet him. Once during the lecture, Wilson had a heart attack and he died suddenly. Not waiting for his master, Hachiko every day to come to the station to meet him.

3. Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind 2004)

Finally invented a machine that allows you to get rid of any memories. Joel and Clementine decide to throw each other out of my head. But the memory of Joel is still alive the most tender moments of their feelings. The less he remembers, the more he loves. Realizing that he just loves Clementine, Joel tries to find a way to return his memories.

4. A walk to remember (A Walk to Remember 2002)

Landon Carter — the idol of his school: he is independent, handsome and cruel to the outcasts. And, of course, he does not notice the homely Jaime, thinking only about studying. After another stupid antics Carter forced to engage in remedial and play in the school play. Here it is, he can not do without the help of a modest excellent student. Jamie agrees to help Landon, but only if he promises not to fall in love with her. Arrogant guy willing to give an oath, but he soon convinced that contain it will be very difficult...

5. The notebook (The Notebook 2004)

A touching love story, read by an elderly man from an old notebook woman in a nursing home. This is the story of relations boys and girls from different social strata, who lived in North Carolina. Noah and Allie spent an unforgettable summer together, until they were separated first parents, and then the Second world war. After the war, everything changed: Ellie became engaged to a successful businessman, and Noah lived alone with his memories in an old house, which he managed to restore.

6. Remember me (Remember Me 2010)

Young carefree student named Tyler just went through the death of his elder brother. The parents of the main character divorced, and his father no time to communicate with his son. With his mother and stepfather Tyler can not find a common language, and it depresses him. Only one outlet is a younger sister. Tyler always knew the girl and all sincerely supported. Once due to his sense of justice, Tyler goes to jail, breaking one of the police officers.

7. Water for elephants! (Water for Elephants 2011)

The days of the great depression. Student is a veterinarian Jacob throws study after his parents perish, and joins to "Benzini Brothers", the most grandiose circus show on Earth. There he began working vet, and at the same time and falls in love with a beautiful rider Marlena, who, though married to August, a charismatic but cruel animal trainer.

8. Love actually (Love Actually 2003)

The plot kinyeti consists of nine stories developing in parallel. Love is something unforgettable and unattainable. It is unfortunate, unwillingness, sometimes an unexpected and, as often happens, unequal. The concept of love is truly boundless and immense. She rules all around the world. From it nobody is insured. Love will not pass our heroes. The Prime Minister, who in love to his employee. The writer who escapes to southern France to glue his love.

9. Tristan and Isolde (Tristan + Isolde 2005)

The love story of British warrior Tristan and the Irish Princess Isolde. The action takes place shortly after the fall of the Roman Empire. Orphaned as a child, Tristan was raised by a friend of his family, Lord mark. Growing up, Tristan becomes a brave knight, successfully fighting the army of the Irish king. Nearly dying in a battle, Tristan accidentally turns the Irish coast, where he finds, and then heals the king's daughter Isolde.

10. Romeo + Juliet (Romeo + Juliet 1996)

Verona became a huge metropolis, the Montagues and Capulets from noble clans turned into a mafia, sword fighting now replaced by street shootings. But Romeo and Juliet remained teenagers, and the divine line of Shakespeare now heard from the lips of street fighters and drug addicts. Times change, people change, life changes, but true love is eternal.

11. Melancholia (Melancholia 2011)

The story unfolds in the days preceding the disaster. The first part is dedicated to Justine's wedding, which cools quickly to the triumph that causes the misunderstanding of loved ones and guests. The heroine of the second part is Claire, sister of Justine. First, Claire takes care of fallen into clinical depression Justine and at the same time afraid of the message about the approach of the mysterious planet Melancholia.

12. Ghost (Ghost 1990)

The happy couple returns home after an evening at the theatre. In a dark alley mugger attacks on them... Defensively, Sam dies. Now he's just a Ghost! Sam Ghost learns that his death was not accidental, but over Molly was in mortal danger! But for Molly, he is now "the invisible man", whom she did not see or hear. How to warn her of her danger?

13. Dear John (Dear John 2010)

Young Savannah and soldiers of the U.S. army John tenderly love each other, expressing their feelings in letters to John — the only source of joy and hope for the ongoing war. For John there is the concept of "duty" which compels him to remain in the army after the events of 11 September, preventing him to fulfill the promise to return and marry the girl. This solution separates them from each other and letters from Savannah come less and less.

14. Pearl Harbor (Pearl Harbor 2001)

Rafe and Danny grew up together and always had each other like brothers. They were both interested in aviation, became a pilot air corps army of the United States. Rafe finds a sweetheart — nurse Evelyn, but soon the war separates them. Rafe composed of eagle Squadron went to England to fight the Germans. Danny and Evelyn are transferred to the service base at pearl Harbor. They soon receive news that Rafe was killed in the battle. Danny and Evelyn find comfort in each other and become lovers.

15. Atonement (Atonement 2007)

Briony has an excellent imagination and writes plays. She knows that her son Robbie maid in love with her older sister Cecilia, and she meets him in return. But when her cousin Lola is the victim of a rapist, Briony confidently shows on Robbie — her imagination dorisovyvaet picture of violence. Robbie is sent to prison and Cecilia refuses to believe Briony, creating a terrible feud between the sisters.

16. City of angels (City of Angels 1998)

Angels live not in heaven. They invisibly present with people, listening to their thoughts and directing their actions, encouraging and comforting in moments of despair. But for them there is no world of human senses: taste of black coffee, cut into finger pain or love. Therefore, some of them are so drawn to people, and sometimes the angel loses his wings and turns into a simple mortal. What happens to the hero of the film, which carried away the Earth love for a woman.

17. Meet Joe Black (Meet Joe Black 1998)

In the life of a wealthy and influential newspaper magnate William Parrish Death itself appears, assuming the guise of a charming young man named Joe black. Death, tired of their usual duties, offers Parisu unusual agreement: the tycoon will guide Joe in the world of the living, where he plans to spend your vacation. After the holidays it takes the Death of Parrish with him. With the help of William, the enigmatic and eccentric Joe starts his journey on the mortal Earth.

18. The cranes are flying (1957)

A young couple, Boris and Veronica serenely in love. Once in the sky they saw a flock of cranes. But the war came. She interrupted their boundless happiness. Boris is sent to the front. He constantly writes letters to Veronica, and she eagerly awaits the letters from Boris. But one day the letters stop coming. Veronica's parents died and she moved to live to parents Boris. There it begins to look cousin Boris, who did not go to the front, with your booking.

19. Forrest Gump (Forrest Gump 1994)

On behalf of the main character Forrest Gump, harmless imbecile man with a noble and open heart, tells the story of his extraordinary life. Fantastic way turns it into a famous footballer, war hero, a successful businessman. He becomes a billionaire, but remains as unsophisticated, stupid and kind. Forrest expects continued success in everything, and he loves the girl friends in childhood, but reciprocity comes too late.

20. What dreams may come (What Dreams May Come 1998)

After the death of Chris Nilsen in a car accident, he, finding immortality, trying to stay close with his beautiful, but death his wife Annie. With the help of a friendly spirit, put to him as a conductor, he begins to get used to his new existence in an environment that otherwise as the Paradise you will not name. But when his distraught with grief wife commits suicide, her curse and forever banished to hell. Chris is struggling to find the favorite to always be with her.

21. Dying young (Dying Young 1991)

PR girl named Hilary lives in a poor neighborhood. Once she finds her boyfriend in bed with another, then drops it and moves to live with her mother. In the newspaper, Hilary finds the announcement that you want the nurse. She gets a job to Victor, a talented and brilliant person with leukemia. He falls in love with Hilary and decides to interrupt his course of treatment. Victor is lying to the girl that his course passed, and now they can go North.

22. The legend (La leggenda del pianista sull oceano 1998)

It all started with the fact that on the first day of the 20th century on the ship "Virginia" in a box from under the lemon was found the baby. The boy grew up and spent his entire life on the huge ocean liner plying between America and Europe, never went down to the shore. Mysteriously, learning to play the piano, Danny Boodmann T. D. lemon 1900 was a real virtuoso and entertained the audience by playing in the restaurant orchestra. It is associated with great history, and his life turned into a beautiful legend.

23. If only (If Only, 2004)

Every day we make decisions that impact not only our own destiny, but the fate of the people around us. So link by link appears sturdy chain of events that ruin which we cannot do. But, and what happens? Samantha — an American studying music in London. She is beautiful, impetuous, impulsive and emotional — she's in love with. Her friend Ian busy, he is busy all the time and almost married to his work. It destroys their relationship with Samantha.

24. The bridges of Madison County (The Bridges of Madison County 1995)

Francesca — the wife of an American farmer and mother of two children. She is originally from southern Italy, where her romantic dreams did not come true. Suddenly, in her monotonous life interferes with fate: meeting with Robert. Robert — a freelance photographer, he has long been accustomed to living alone. But this meeting changed his life. They passionately and without looking fell in love with each other. This love of which they dreamed all his life, he released only 4 days.

25. Cruel intentions (Cruel Intentions, 1999)

Sebastian Valmont and his stepsister Kathryn Merten is a typical representative of "Golden youth" of new York. Sebastian — handsome kidnapper and the girl's heart, is fun that seduces many girls, and then throws them, describing their adventures in his journal. Katherine enjoys the fact that weaves diverse plot. Brother and sister unite the ambition and cynicism. Sebastian finds another innocent victim is the daughter of the College Director, Annette.

26. The green mile (The Green Mile, 1999)

In 1935, in the office of the Federal prison "Cold mountain" received the African American epic proportions that is named John. He was posthumously condemned for the rape and murder of two girls. John was very calm and knowing that he did not commit this crime, I was ready to walk the green mile. The so-called green corridor, which the convicts had gone on his last journey to execution in the electric chair...

27. P. S. I love you (P. S. I Love You 2007)

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He and she are made for each other, two halves of a whole, which lived in harmony for a long and happy life could easily die in one day. But fate disposes otherwise, and it soon became a widow. But even after the death of her husband leaves his beloved wife; advance, he left her 7 messages, which should help her survive the loss. Each ends with a PostScript "I love you".

28. Sweet November (Sweet November 2001)

Clothed in formal suit adman-workaholic Nelson moss runs through life skipping and can not imagine another way of life. But the living eccentric Sarah Deaver, half — temptress, half — a philosopher, is very even. If it happens, Nelson will be her new victory in a series of fixed human destinies. Every month she spends with a new patient who needs help. No obligation. No pressure. There is no dependence. And no love.

29. Autumn in new York (Autumn in New York 2000)

The owner of the new York restaurant will Keane, walking through Central Park, forever said goodbye to my once lover and at the same moment he saw Charlotte Fielding, and in the evening again met her in the restaurant, where Charlotte celebrated its 22nd anniversary. Experienced and tireless Lovelace will, despite his 48 years, immediately launched into a new love affair.

30. The main thing – do not be afraid! (A Little Bit of Heaven 2010)

Marley always believed that the theory that need to fall in love and live happily ever after is not for her. She was always afraid of someone to confide in. During medical examination, under anesthesia, she had a vision of God. The Lord told Marley that she's dying and she has three wishes that can be fulfilled.

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