Inhabitants of the virtual world (25 photos)

7-8 years of commercials back in the internet were not many, and many more just did not know what it is! Today it is not uncommon disease internetomaniya, people on forums tearfully asking them to ban as the work is, the family is lost and so and so. and it's all because of the suction power of Internet forums. Due to the huge count of people are settled in this virtual world appeared classification thereof. We call this the classification of the Internet Warriors!

Lamer (Pioneer)

Mediocrity and mediocrity - the main characteristics of Lamer, but even they can not fully describe the stupidity of this character.
None of his statements and sodezhit bit of understanding of the topic. His expression did not include any humor or sparks, a drop of wisdom, but it does not stop him from active participation in the discussion.
He did not even quite unpleasant to honestly earn a ban on the forum.
Lamer, in the usual sense, is very weak warrior, but even the most valiant fighter unable to withstand a long chat with the opponent.


Admin is cleaner, the mayor, a security guard, a judge and even, sometimes, Doctor offline (or sheet) that can look after the wounded soldiers.
In other words, it can be characterized as a nurse on steroids.
Based on the fact that the Admin is the owner of the forum and sets the rules, it can damage virtually any other warrior.
Sometimes his efforts are valued at its true worth, but, like any other authority figure, he is also the chosen target for the Warriors, who are interested in how to turn the Forum into its own sandbox for their games.
Most Admins are fair and honest, but do not forget the idea that absolute power changes a person. If Admin is heavy pressure from purposeful opponent rare Admin does not use the "Hammer of Justice».
Flatterers and other sycophants often joined to a strong administrator, forming a defensive perimeter around it.
Thus, most of the enemies are thrown Admin to their original positions, even long before he drew attention to the Admin unleashed the military conflict.

WARNING - admin, on the right, can be regarded as the strongest warrior. So an open fight with the Administrator always ends in defeat. The only soldier who can provide (small) threat to the administrator, it is the Rebel leader.


Android never gets angry and does not participate in the battles. Instead, Android is simply specifies the logical inconsistencies in the calculations of other soldiers.
Android is absolutely immune to irony and sarcasm, as well, for the insults and attacks.
For example, if someone would call Android "mindless idiot", then Android will check for signs of cretinism med.spravochniku ​​then calculate the mass of his brain by Archimedes, and reject the insult as unsound.
Computational chain of Android is not configured to process the aesthetic or spiritual information, so Android is easy to remove from the battlefield, unleashing a debate about feelings, arts, metaphors, poetry and so forth.


At Artiste available unshakable belief in their talents, with which he is happy to share with others.
Frequently, it is possible to find poems in the signature. Also, often for no apparent reason, he can insert a message with his poem somewhere in the middle of the battlefield.
Artiste, needs to demonstrate its aesthetic sensitivity and cultural education can and will mention the little-known artists, poets and musicians to prove their point.
Artiste believes that the references to Antonio del Pollaiolo (1431-1498), confirms his depth of knowledge, and crush opponents. In fact, most simply find it boring and zaznaykoy.

WARNING - Artiste often suffer from serious mental disorders. Thus, despite the fact that Artiste quite easy to defeat, it is best avoided. Artiste in defeat, just as unpredictable as in victory.



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