Richards Bay. The Battle of Mount Sandlwana

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January 22, 1879 held the first major battle between between the soldiers of the British Empire and the Kingdom of the Zulu warriors, South Africa, Zululand.

2.Cherez eleven days after the beginning of the invasion of the British Empire in Zululand, the army of the Kingdom of the Zulu of 20 000 soldiers attacked the main column of British colonial troops, which numbered 1,800 soldiers and about 400 civilians. The British were armed with carbines Martini-Henry breech-loading rifle and also had two guns semifuntovyh.

Zulus were armed only with metal-tipped spears and shields made of cowhide.

Despite the apparent superiority in weapons, the British lost the battle, losing 1,300 people killed. Zulus lost 1,000 people.

Kingdom of the Zulu victory over the British Empire was decisive. The first invasion of the British colonial troops ended in complete victory for the locals, is clearly inferior in weaponry. This led to a second, more aggressive invasion and continuing Anglo-zuluskoy war. All hopes of King Zulu King Cetshwayo to resolve the issue peacefully through negotiations have been destroyed ...

3.Nedavno I visited the celebrations dedicated to this memorable event. I organized a visit to this holiday - Elize Viljoen, manager of the local TV URBAN BREW STUDIOS. Behind her, in the background - host of a popular local TV show UGUBHULWAMI - Nomkelemane Langa.

At 05.45 I was taken from the Zululand Yacht Club, and we went to the side of the mountain Isandlwana, to which about 200 kilometers.

4.Elize remained in Richards Bay, I went with the employees of its TV studios.

On the way picked up producer 1KZNTV - Lucky Khumalo

5.Pochti three hours winding roads Zululand among brooding landscapes of South Africa, where the close, the famous park iMfolozi Park run beautiful animals

6.K 10.00 arrived.

I was lucky, I got a pass as a member of the crew

With him I could walk everywhere, and even be in a group of correspondents welcoming Zulu King - King Zwelithini Good, which should also come to the celebration

7. And here's that same hill, - Isandlwana, at the foot of which 135 years ago played out those dramatic events ...

8.Nomkelemane Langa dressed in traditional costume zuluskogo warrior and gladly posed for me on a background of mountains Isandlwana

9.Zulusy, admittedly, are very proud of this victory. Since then, King of the Zulu is one of the most respected and vlitelneyshih Kings of South Africa!

10.Ryadom trenerovat before the show British soldiers

11.Vse they - volunteers from local residents

12. As another side to the action - Zulu army, too, is made up of volunteers. Women accompanied their soldiers to the battle, encouraging shouts but the battle did not participate

13.Nakonets Zulu army started to move to a place of submission

14.Voiny front of and behind the loud cries of their wives



17.Nomkelemane Langa could not miss and started working for his show!

18.Tem time insidious "British" practiced skill with weapons

19.Ili talked with local, learning the secrets of the offensive

20.Ili rest before the battle

21.mirno talking

22.Posmeivayas over the army and armament Zulu

23.Voiny zuluskoy army did not lose time in vain, warming up warlike dances

24.I songs

25.A someone shore power before the battle

26.Shaman spoke warriors for good luck!

27.Nakonets appeared motorcade Zulu King - King Goodwill Zwelithini Zulu

28.On came on holiday with his beloved, the sixth wife - Zola Mafu

29.Neskolko words with the cabinet and the King was escorted to the podium with his wife

30.Gde he prepared a place of honor in the center, the King of King Goodwill Zwelithini Zulu

31.I ​​his wife Zola Mafu

32.Korotky, a 15-minute welcome speech of the Minister of Agriculture of the Republic of South Africa

33.Vse listened attentively, standing, and warriors ...

34.I women

35.Zatem all allowed to sit down while approaching the dramatized presentation

36.Vse eagerly waiting for him.

Because such holidays - the only entertainment for the locals

37.VIP bed, attended by members of the royal family and the friends of the King

38.I began to move here!

Soldiers colonial troops saluted the King of England King Zwelithini Good Zulu

39.I took place in the center, ready to defend.

Guns were present and they opened fire on the attackers Zulu warriors

40.Mne had to go and take pictures from a prone position, hiding behind a few blades of grass that would Zulu warriors did not see me and not taken for a British spy.

41.Mne lucky they were passionate about the fight and sneaked past me without noticing

42.Anglichane fiercely defended, I wanted to help them but alas, I was busy shooting for you ...

43.Nakonets, after several unsuccessful attempts, the British were rounded up and hung over the field heartbreaking vociferous cry torn bodies alive!

A few minutes later it was all over. Bloody, mutilated bodies of the British and the Zulus were everywhere. Even I was stained with their blood, but did not, thank goodness alive! At that just do not go for the blog readers ...

44.No everything worked! - Holders were blank, spearheads rubber and participants of the battle alive ...

The British, though losing with dignity left the battlefield and do not forget to make the props under the flag of the British Empire ...

45.Korol Zulu, his wife and entourage watched with satisfaction the outcome of the historic Battle of Isandlwana

Zulu tribe 46.Vozhd win, with respect, short, fifteen minutes listed all the achievements of the Royal Family for more than three hundred years history of their rule

47.I began, in fact the holiday!

One dance ensemble

48.Smenyalsya other

49.Hor young girls body bowed in reverence singing songs, watching closely the baton of conductor

50.Voiny, tired of the long battle rested. Who before the clear eyes of the King

51.Kto alone

52.Kto other

53.A and who in the company associates

54.Potom a short speech in an hour :))) declared himself King of King Zwelithini Good Zulu

55.Vse listened attentively, standing

56. In conclusion, he even sang with his soldiers,

and danced. Perhaps, it was the culmination of the festival!

It is not often you see the King of dancing and singing, right? Is that another ruler loves to do it, - the president of my homeland. Can souls akin or love for art, who knows?

57.Zhenskaya half suite with his wife went to the side of the king laid tables.

Like any holiday event would end a hearty lunch for everyone!

58.Za them the King and his entourage

59.Kazhdy table was designed for ten people. We sat down for zosednim from the King and his entourage table, very tight and delicious eaten with a margin on the way back. Photograph of the King and his family to take food I did not, too shy. After all, the holiday was a success and everyone has the right to rest ...

60.Poproschavshis all we went to the car, it was time to return to Richards Bay.

But Lucky Khumalo as PROFESSIONAL producer 1KZNTV and on the way to the car continued to work ...

61 ... finding a nice participants for their programs and exchanging phone numbers with them! More precisely - they found it.

Why am I not a producer? Maybe it is too late to change majors? Look me who finds ...

With these thoughts, as well as with the memories of the festival dedicated to the battle of Battle of Isandlwana and we arrived in Richards Bay.

That's all. Thanks to all.



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