Singapore casino resort Marina Bay Sands

A hybrid between the fashionable resort and casino - it is a special Singapore invention. In early 2010, started to work in Singapore, two of the resort Marina Bay Sands and Resorts World Sentosa. The massive building in the Marina Bay Sands Marina Bay Bay was built by an American corporation Las Vegas Sands. This project is positioned as the most expensive in the world separate from the casino worth about $ 8 billion.

1. The Marina Bay Sands complex consists of three 55-storey towers, which are combined in a single building of a huge terrace on the roof.

2. The area of ​​this amazing construction of a hectare, all calls Sands Sky Park (Heavenly garden). Length of Heaven Park - 340 m, and its nose beyond the north tower by as much as 67 m.

3. In most casinos are nearly 1,000 gaming tables and 1,600 slot machines.

4. The entire resort, which occupies a total of 20 hectares of land, was designed by architect Moshe Safdie, together with Singapore architectural firm Aedas. Utilities implemented a British company Arup.

5. In addition to the hotel's 2561 rooms and a casino in the giant complex Marina Bay Sands include a huge exhibition hall, a museum, two theaters, seven restaurants and two floating pavilions.

6. "Sky Park" - this is certainly the most unusual and the most memorable part of the complex Marina Bay Sands. On this heavenly terrace is the world's longest high-altitude swimming pool. Its length is 146 m and it is located at an altitude of 191 m above the ground.

7. The device pool creates the illusion that it has no edge, and the water goes straight over the horizon at sea.

8. Pool holds 1424 cubic meters of water ...

9. ... and along its shores grow hundreds of these trees.

10. "Heaven Park" are also several restaurants and nightclubs, as well as an excellent viewing platform, which offers a magnificent view of Singapore.

11. The design of the pool contains 181,436 kilos of stainless steel, and four special hinge allows constant leveling pool, regardless of the natural movement of the towers (by wind and other natural causes tower constantly swing, and scope of this movement is nearly half a meter). With all these devices, people in the "Heaven park," do not feel the movement.

12. When the Marina Bay Sands will work at full capacity, he will be able to simultaneously receive nearly 45 thousand visitors.

13. Initially, the opening of Marina Bay Sands was scheduled for 2009, but the rise in prices and the financial crisis forced the company to postpone the opening, and opening itself to carry out in several phases.

14. In early May 2010 IPBA Bar Association held its conference here, but the event was marred by technical failures and blackouts right during the speech of one of the speakers.

15. As a result IPBA delayed payment services and between the organization and the Marina Bay Sands began litigation.

16. The second phase of the opening was planned for the end of June 2010. Two theaters included in the complex Marina Bay Sands were ready, and November 30, 2010 were able to show the premiere performance of the famous dance show Riverdance. February 19, 2011 opened a science and an art museum, and March 3, 2011, the premiere of the musical "The Lion King».

17. Now we can only hope that the fate of Marina Bay Sands will develop well. After all, this grand structure should provide jobs and livelihoods as much as ten thousand attendants.



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