The sea is calling, wave singing, and you ... in your office? Then the rush to rest on these beaches!

The 12 beaches make you change your plans for the summer and go to where eternal light you can see the blue sea and blue.

Ocean Dome, Japan

Although very close to the ocean, where you can swim in the huge pool. Well, if you - a lover of waves while surfing just what you need!

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Grace Bay, Caribbean

It is a paradise! Grace Bay - one of the best beaches in the world. White sand, blue lagoon - this we can only dream about.

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Vaadhu Beach on the island, Maldives

This beach is especially beautiful at night. It's all in the plankton. Castaway Beach Island Vaadhu, he paints the coast of thousands of lights. Glowing like a wave reflected stars in the sky over the Maldives!

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Hayams, Australia

Here you will find the whitest sand in the world! Looking at it from a distance it may seem that this is the cream of white air.

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Bottom Bay, Barbados

Bottom Bay - the best beach on the island of Barbados. This place is a hallmark of the country.

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Glass Beach, USA

Perhaps this is the most interesting of all places. It is located in California. At the beginning of XX century there was a city dump. In 1967, the government closed it and for many years carried out clean-up. Now, garbage is not here, but the shore is covered with small, peeled waves glass pebbles. A great souvenir from a vacation, is not it?

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Maho, Caribbean

Maho is located in the Caribbean, 300 km from Puerto Rico. This non-transferable leave for the thrill, because just 10-20 meters above the beach and tourists with a crash landing sweep calling giant aircraft. Dangerous but fascinating spectacle!

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Ipanema, Brazil

Ipanema - the most sophisticated and elite beach Brazil. It was chosen elegant and fashionable audience that day come here to party, playing volleyball and jogging.

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Navadzho, Greece

This is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Once there wrecked ship Panagiotis, which belonged to smugglers. The ship and the rest are still in the white sandy dunes.

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Playa del Amor - Hidden Beach Marieta Islands, Mexico

This is a wonderful place for those who want to retire, because here get only a few tourists. Beach is hidden from human eyes because of its unusual shape.

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Pink Beach, Bahamas

Pink Beach is one of the most amazing places in the Bahamas. Unusual colors of the sand and attracts tourists from all over the world. And all due to tiny particles of shells foraminifera - single-celled organisms that live at the bottom of the reef under rocks and in caves of the coastal ocean floor.

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Whitehaven, Australia

Whitehaven Beach - a 7-kilometer coastline along the Whitsunday Islands. World-famous beaches of white sand was due. Its color is due to the presence of pure silica (98%), which gives it a unique shade.

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Dream finally go on a trip? Then choose one of these beaches! And do not forget to share these places with your friends!

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