The biggest battle in the history of EVE Online: destroy the ship for $ 200,000

Screenshot of battles 01/28/2014, animated graphics gives a better idea of ​​what was going i>

January 27-28, 2014 in EVE Online was the largest battle of the ten-year history of this game. In mainly involved 5283 battle ship. The total value of the destroyed property is estimated at 8 trillion ISK, which equates to approximately $ 200,000 at current exchange rates. Destroyed 72 "Titanium» - this is the most massive ships, the most expensive of which «Эребус» Cana worth 222 billion ISK ($ 5500).

Surprisingly, a giant battle began, in its own way, by mistake. Group Pandemic Legion forgot to pay the rent and lost control of the star system B-R5RB . Here the first time to the fleet of the Russian alliance, which declared sovereignty and began to build a defense, ready to repel the inevitable attack. The system instantly flocked ships from all over the unprotected space.

Although the battle was not planned, but opponents knew each other well, because the war between the factions N3PL and CFC / RUS goes from October of 2013.

The battle lasted more than 15 hours, every second of the game shorthanded 10 seconds of real time.

The winner of the battle went hard alliance CFC / RUS, which includes Russian block. Loss of CFC / RUS $ 14 titans. Alliance N3PL lost 58 Titans and at some point lost the ability to destroy enemy Titans, so that the remaining forces could do nothing except try to escape (unsuccessfully). At the last stage of the battle turned into Denying the remaining enemy forces for the sake of loot.

Battle on January 27-28 with destruction of property at 8 trillion ISK 72 and blasted the Titans is much higher than the previous record battle where losses amounted to 1 trillion ISK 12 and the Titans.

selection of screenshots

UPD. The comments to this topography is one of the participants of the "Russian" coalition told in the first person , as the battle took place.



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