Electropenalties SunSwift eVe drove 500 miles in 4 hours 40 minutes

Students from the University of New South Wales (Australia) built a solar-powered car, which broke the world record holding 26 years . This is a record for speed to overcome the distance of 500 kilometers on a single charge.

SunSwift eVe traveled a distance of 4 hours 40 minutes, an average speed of 107 km / h. This is much higher than the previous record for electric cars 73 km / h.

Developers electric vehicle (the group includes about 60 students) believe that the experiment is proof that the car is ready for commercial exploitation. SunSwift project organized in 1996. Over the years, SunSwift eVe - fifth car that produced students, and this is clearly the most successful model.

Previous models SunSwift managed to put several world records for solar-powered cars. The fifth model swung on record for all electric vehicles. During the trip, the solar panels on the roof, hood and trunk have been disabled. The car was exclusively due to the charge in the 60-pound lithium-ion battery.

SunSwift proud creators of extremely high energy efficiency of the car. At a speed of 100 km / h power consumption is only 20 kWh. For comparison, Tesla Model S consumes 67 KWh at a speed of 89 km / h.

Solar panels generate eVe 800 watts. In a nice sunny day, this adds about 300 km to the maximum distance range on a single charge, so that the car can travel 800 km instead of 500 km. This distance is sufficient for most people for everyday driving. Especially because many people parked in open places for the sun, so that the batteries are charged during the day.

On мнению Experts , SunSwift eVe can become the world's first solar-powered car, which was officially released in mass production. However, for this has yet to solve several problems, including those equipped with a comfortable place for the driver.

In the cabin SunSwift eVe is not too comfortable i>

In order to be certified in 2015, engineers need to equip the car headlights, increase the clearance (ground clearance) and finalize the interior, including the instrument panel to make, cup holders, more comfortable steering wheel and other options.

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