15 ways to turn old t-shirts into stylish jewelry.

You - the owner-clever and time doing in the closet of the audit. But what about the pile of things that have become unusable? Something give social services - where it will determine where you want to, well, old T-shirt we still useful

! Today «Website» offers to the attention of 15 decorating ideas , which can be done by having at hand a couple of old T-shirts! Fashionable and extravagant, they are suitable to a variety of clothing ensembles and give zest to any image.

Jewellery futbolokMaterialy for
soft T-shirts, matching the color copper tubes Brass rings in different sizes various size chain shoelace buckles and fasteners shvenzy (hooks) for earrings

cutter for tubes pliers Scissors jigsaw li > fine sandpaper

Tip: for the desired materials to find stores that sell accessories for jewelry and crafts. For buying better to go, having before his eyes the image with a necessary set.

flirty necklace with fringe
Less often a T-shirt into strips the width of 1-2 cm. Stretch them so that the edges swirled inside. Prepare the required number of ropes , depending on the desired result. Tighten the chain on the rope as shown in the photo.

Multi-level necklace with copper tubes
Very stylish decoration! For the manufacture of necklaces stretch 5 strips of different lengths of material. Cutter for tubes outline the space for cuts, otpili fret too much and sanding the edges sandpaper

Tubes strung on strips of cloth.

Adjust the length on the flat surface of each tier and secure the ends into the clasp.

earrings rings
Take on each earring 2 material strip length of 12-15 cm and a chain. Secure them with a knot at the brass rings Attach the rings shvenzy.

Simply and succinctly!

Suspension fringed
Something like jellyfish ... Stick a copper tube fabric rope in the form of fringe. Through the tube proden chain of the desired length.

Necklace with brass rings
Three strips of different colors woven into a braid, slowly threading it through the ring. After a couple of workouts must succeed! The ends of the ropes to fasten the clasp pliers.

Triangular earrings
Proden small pieces of fabric through the tube is no longer than 2 cm. Secure the ends of the fabric clip, attach shvenzy Through the tube proden chain and make sure it does not slip.

Chain Bracelet
Add together the different thickness of rope, add them woven braid. Secure the ends of the bracelet with clip clasp. Absolute favorite!

Woven Necklace
The principle is: first make a few braids of fabric, weaving them into a chain, lock clamps the edge. Collect necklace stringing braid on the rings through the clamp hole. Attach a chain of suitable length.

It will be one of your favorite!

Feathers fabric
Cut out of T-shirts elongated pieces of cloth, a pair of scissors to give them the shape of feathers. Attach fasteners - earrings in Indian style ready!

bracelet brass rings
bracelet manufacturing principle no different from the necklace under number 5 on our list.

Subtle necklace
Of the two fabric ropes and chains are woven braid, the ends of which lock the clamp with a fastener. Proden through the pigtail tube.

It looks very nice!

Wide Bracelet
Stick nodes on both sides of the ring a wide fabric strip. fabric ends joined clasp.

Volume wicker necklace
This necklace is made of 3 braid, which then are threaded through the rings. Ends are connected with a chain.

Volume necklace
You'll love it! We shall cut strips of 10-20 t-shirts of the same length, stretch them. The edges of the clamp in a retainer, which proden through the ring. Attach the chain to the ring of a suitable length.

Indian fringe
This ornament is done in the same way as the first necklace, but with a much longer fringe A real hit!

As you can see, from unnecessary things turn out very stylish gizmos! And the way you look at it, to weave a rug from old t-shirt? Inspiration to you, and do not forget to Share them and friends!


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