Man 1000 days in a row led the blog about the 1000 T-shirts

What for? Yes, just so he zahotel

Isac Walter of Los Angeles is so fond of T-shirts with drawings that he decided in 1000 consecutive days wearing a different T-shirts, never wearing the same for the whole period. Well, a few exceptions were all the same, but only a few - 1,000 days he really wore different shirts. To commemorate his feat, Walter created a project on Tumblr - «Minor Thread».

On the main page - a blog. If you scroll through the office until the end, then each can be seen Isak - always in a new T-shirt. After completion of the project Isak gently hung all over the walls of his T-shirt studio or spread them on the floor and photographed in their background. Just to show people that really did what he did, and Photoshop has nothing to do with it. In fact, to expand the T-shirt, it took four days.

In July of 2011 Isak decided to put on a new shirt every day for 500 consecutive days. When he reached the goal, he decided to continue. April 7 this year, he set a record - 1000 T-shirts.

"T-shirts - this analog version of social networks. Put the right t-shirt - and immediately start up a conversation with people you have never seen before. T-shirt with a pattern - it is a guarantee of new conversations and new acquaintances, "- says Isak.

There is also a video with all the thousands of T-shirts. It goes for nine minutes and, frankly, bored quickly. By the way, all the T-shirts Isaac is now available - unless, of course, someone wants to buy clothes b / y.



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