The original idea for the house with his own hands: a wonderful rug from old t-shirts!

Now your old t-shirts can find a second, a better life! Make them this colorful rug - it will please you and will come in handy at home, you can do it effortlessly, and there are little old T-shirts in the closet any. Great idea for anyone who loves to decorate their home a pleasant hand-made and do extraordinary creativity. For work!

To create the original mat, you will need:

  • 5-10 of old T-shirts
  • thread and needle
  • Scissors
  • sewing machine (although you can do without it) 1. Choose a few old shirts, match the color. The larger the size of the mat you have in mind to do, the more you need t-shirts. The first stage - turning old things into long strips of cloth. Chalk mark t-shirt, starting to measure 5 cm from the bottom up to the seam of the sleeve. Cut the shirt into long strips according to this layout.

    2. When you get a wonderful colored long strip, the time to start to weave them into a braid. Secure the ends of long strips clamp so much easier to work.

    3. The next step - Rewinder mat. Spread woven braids carefully, so they do not wince. The mat is almost ready!

    4. It remains to sew colorful braids. You can do this manually, it is possible and on a typewriter - so it will be faster, of course. Begin to sew from the center of the mat, spiraling.

    You did a wonderful thing! After spending a little time and patience, you can create your own hands is something new, beautiful and useful of the ancient unnecessary shirts that even ashamed to give people in need of clothing. This pad will fit for a gift to a friend, he just can not not like it.

    Show this simple guide to a friend, let the old T-shirts do not lie idle!

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