20 ways to breathe life into old things

Do not throw out old favorite things, if they can be original and beautiful remake.

< Website to turn collected ideas, seemed to have outlived its unique things interior elements.

Because bats can make an original mirror

Read the instructions here

And from clothespins and tin -. To create a beautiful flower pot

How do you see here.

Books can be converted into a stylish shelf

That's Design! How do I attach the shelves to the wall, described in detail in this blog

A suitcase -. In ottoman

How to make this a truly original poof, look here.

From tennis ball get funny holder

Here is a detailed video, how to make such holder.

Old trampoline can be a great hammock

Various types of alterations trampolines can be found here.

And this miracle is needed only a simple lamp and a piece of cardboard

How to cut out the clouds, learn here

Good idea -. Brush up old spoons

Read incremental steps in this description.

Two wooden chair can be combined in an unusual pouf

< br> How to do it with his own hands, described here

And of extra equipment -. Make a bottle holder

< br>
Other options, how to use cutlery in the interior decorating here.

Old bed can be converted into a bed dacha dreams

< br>

Read the detailed description here.

Who said that flowers should only grow in pots?

A selection of holiday design here.

New Life Broken piano

A lot of similar ideas at the piano ideastand.

Another look at the wooden barrel

How to use barrels in the interior, see here.

From lamps can make mileyshuyu vase for small flowers

< br>
How to disassemble the nice cat, look at the video.

That is why it is not necessary to throw away the bottle

< br> Various examples of the use of bottles in the design are assembled here.

Of unnecessary forks can make photo frames

Imagine how it will look stylish shelf, if the photo on it will be a lot. Here are the steps.

And the old cups and saucers become cozy lamps

More options for decorating cups you will find here.

Old suitcase can be turned into a cozy and comfortable bed for your pet

Read about this great idea here.

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