13 evidence that laziness makes our lives better


no secret that many of the items from our everyday life have arisen due to laziness. For example, disposable diapers appeared because the employee Procter & amp; Gamble and concurrently happy grandfather was not going to wash diapers every day their grandchildren, and the remote control to the creator did not want to get up from the couch during a favorite TV show.

< Website to your attention new the invention of people who did not want to do extra effort and once again proved that laziness - the engine of progress

. So, we present to your attention.

Remote Control "Shaggy." In case of failure to feed! 473826a717.jpg

Christmas tree compact. Cheap and no needles! 01b25fd3f7.jpg

Swing on the remote control. And daughter are happy and Pope intact. 0368dbfd5f.jpg

Set "Festival". We create an oasis of calm and tranquility in a noisy crowd. c079b2d0da.jpg

Barbecue advanced "stop odor" a98fdd34a9.jpg

drinking straws "film Fan": when you can not miss a second of your favorite movie! 664f9fb789.jpg

drinking straws "Gamer". Nubam not understand! 7e73ed08ad.jpg

Garbage chute universal. Why bother because of a couple of papers? 6370582c69.jpg

Screwdriver "I am my mother needlewoman". Who was the first to guess what this is? 1784782fbb.jpg

Deckchair multifunctional. Because you need to relax on your vacation! 6b6fc9260e.jpg

Means for washing pans by masking master lvl 80 4d37a11b29.jpg

holder for smartphone. Because it was wrong to handle the work of the king's trouble! 44fe7fc89c.jpg

Electronic Assistant helpdesk employee. Google knows everything! e2a9af5fbf.jpg

Photos on the preview: ARareSight / Imgur.com

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Bloody genius cosplay

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