5 habits that lead to low self-esteem

problems with self-esteem often provoke a variety of other problems: shyness, insecurity, inability to get in the team. We are in the Website picked up for its readers 5 habits that indicate low self-esteem and on which really should get rid of.

1. The habit to compare

The habit to compare myself with others, and to look at the other bottom-up - a sure sign of addiction. Evaluating yourself through others, we risk never find yourself present. And if we do not figure out what to do with your life, there will be those who will do it for us.

2. Habit compete

For fervent thrust be better for someone lurking feeling worse than others and attempt to prove otherwise. While disadvantaged ego - our only incentive we live race. Because there will always be those who are better off and who has the most.

3. The habit of hope

Refusing to believe in ourselves, we live in hope and expectation. All the while waiting for something, but do not even know what.

4. The habit to seek approval

When we do not know their own worth, we have to resort to the evaluation on the side. In search of recognition, we do not do what we want, and that will bring us a coin in the piggy bank of merit. But the ego knows no saturation. Breaking this vicious circle can only realize their own value, going from the inside.

5. Habit manipulate

When we do not believe in their own strength, we use other people for their own purposes. Willy-nilly, we become manipulators. We tread on the pity, appeal to the conscience and play on guilt.

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