20 things to look became steeper after the paint cans

If you want your stuff found a new life, for you Website has found an effective and inexpensive way to do this right now. All you need - it is the things themselves, cans of paint and your unlimited imagination

. For your inspiration we have collected the best and most unexpected ideas transform things with paint cans.

Stylish faucet

Make a simple tap their own. With step by step instructions you can find here.

Transformation old fan

The algorithm of this magical transformation look here.

Update home carpet

As in a similar way to update the carpet in your own home, look here.

Golden refrigerator

Other similar ideas can be found in this blog.

New life old chest of drawers

All recommendations on updating the chest look here.

Stylish vase

How do these stylish vases with their hands, look here.

Transformation owl

Details here.

Getting rid of old stains

For detailed information on 'hidden' old and stubborn stains, you can find here.

Stylish frame

All the necessary information -. This site

Useful and stylish children's toys

Help unnecessary children's toys to find a second life.

Golden Horse

Another way to update the usual decoration.

New children's furniture

All details can be found here.

Step by step guide to the magical transformation of the conventional table look here.

New bedroom dresser

Recommendations for radical transformation of the old chest here.

Second Life toys

Still looking for more ideas here.

Magical transformation of the old table

Fantasy, spray paint and no magic.

Exclusive table IKEA

Little effort - and a regular table turns into an exclusive thing

stylish stools

. Your guests will be thrilled by these stools.

Intergalactic lamp

Space is closer than you think.

Colored cones

Do you dare to suggest that ordinary pine cones can be a bright detail of your interior?

Stylish glass vases

Here you will find recommendations for transforming ordinary glass bottles in a stylish vase.

15 amazing ways to transform the IKEA furniture
15 cool ideas for remaking old furniture

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