Myths and facts about gas sprays

Internet lately is full of stories about street conflicts. Someone cut, someone beaten, insulted, almost hacked to death and trampled to death. In 3/5 of the cases, I am sure, the conflict could be settled in the very beginning with a single conventional gas cartridge. Even in the fifth - with another, so-called jet gas cartridge (this happens when the conflict occurred in the subway, in the hallway, in other enclosed space). However, people prefer not to deal with a "weapon of self-defense." Digging in mind I scored a few prejudices associated with gas cartridges. I'll try to list them here and expose.

Gas cartridge - it's not a weapon, and cowardly little thing for the ladies.

This opinion has long adhered to myself. I consider myself a very brutal, engaged in martial arts and was sure that only drastic action could protect me from the abuser. The situation changed radically when I visited the armory forum in the Self-Defense. It turns out that the notorious "GB" - the most that neither is a weapon. There is one gas cartridges first. What's more - there is a special section dedicated cartridges - their types, tactics and the use of the exchange of experiences of successful use. It was then that crept into my fearless idea to get. Now, to be honest, I try to endure even the garbage in the middle of the day, keep the can in his pocket.

Gas cartridge can spontaneously start to hound and "poison" of the media.

Such a thought expressed one of my friends. I reassured her - normal, not just delay spray poison will not, especially in a concentration dangerous for the owner. Of course, over time, the amount of active substance in the cartridge drops slightly - yet it is not 100% sealed system. Nevertheless, he is not a danger to the owner.

Balloon makes its owner more aggressive.

It told me a tourist, when we are talking about security in the campaign. The weapon of self-defense - is, first of all, the head. If a person does not know it - hence, no spray will protect it and not save. But in possession of the subject person is checked before the joint session. Aggressive, hot-tempered, unrestrained into the language, able to climb popered Batko to hell (to resolve the looming conflict ahead team leader) of the participant to take a hike is not necessary. However, in a situation of "give great ride" judicious use of spray is quite able to play a role deus in mashina.

Knife (ax, shovel Infantry) reliable.

Of course, the enemy decapitation solves many problems. Except for one - and then what to do with the corpse? Well, with a conscience at the same time. Pepper spray is not able to cause injury, but it takes some time enemy of the game. Purely from a psychological point of view of the enemy pour gas is much easier than to stab or rubanut, of course, if the defender - not hardened criminals. Well, to demonstrate that acute glands that GB - it is rotten. Here we must remember the principle: got - act.

Talk about the knife I had heard from a friend - a girl below average height and very thin. She even showed me this hardware. As she was about to strike his attacker - I did not understand. By the way, yes - the distance the balloon also has the advantage. A small - but the advantage.

On drunk (stoned) and dogs cartridge does not work.

A very common myth. Try at the end of any parties with copious libations to scratch his eye chili pepper. Like it? That's it. Perhaps the mythical berserkers capsaicin would not have acted - but GOP-stop is usually also not engaged berserkers.

Most likely, the GB will be powerless against any commando. And, according to the observations, it is not very reliable guard against large dogs breeds: Dobermans, Shepherds, Rottweilers ... But where most people fall victim to attack conventional cattle-Rimbaud and ordinary blohovozov of those who like to lure guards compassionate grannies and parking lots. And these two types of pepper spray aggressors always impresses.

Pepper spray is ineffective in a strong wind.

Alas - yes. In this case, even a gas pistol does not help, especially if the wind in your face defending. Well, under certain circumstances, can help out, in principle, an inkjet cartridge - one that gives direction to a narrow jet instead of clouds.

By the way, I recently read in an article that the notorious extract of chili peppers - capsaicin (the main active ingredient GB) in the body provokes the production of oxytocin, the hormone of happiness. So, if after a successful defense your opponent wept - he with happiness!

From the gas cartridge can suffer the most.

Spray - a weapon. Sold loose, but still a weapon. And hold them to learn. How - I will not tell here, on this subject written hundreds of articles on many websites and forums defense themes. There are even commercials in which intrepid naturalists check effect of the gas on himself. Google Yandex, smoke tops - and you will be happy!

Finally. As ancient Latins: si vis pacem, para bellum. I fully share their position, though I do not live in the Apennine peninsula. In our country, this aphorism could not be more relevant.

My text - no agitation in favor of the balloon, so a brief educational program. Self-defense - a personal choice. And besides, there is an active self-defense passive: to not get in a situation that could result in conflict. Or I do not complain if hit.


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