How does a hydrogen gas generator?

It is time to fully explain how the system works the generator of hydrogen. Which is the partial or complete replacement of natural gas. This system is positioning itself primarily as an alternative form of heating homes, apartments, greenhouses, and large industrial objects. Also, this system is used as the gas source not only for gas boilers and gas water heaters, and kitchen gas stoves. That is, you become partially or totally independent in terms of gas source inexpensively in comparison with existing heating sources. Its kind facility is unique because there is currently a complete replacement of natural gas in the home and in the right quantity at the minimum cost. This system compares the electric heating and its analogues for the following reasons:

  • The hydrogen gas generators provide not only heating, but also the ability to generally meet all requirements for substitution of household gas.
  • The resource of hydrogen is water.
  • The highest heat of combustion MJ/kg 120-1504. The combustion temperature of 550 °C to 3500 °C

And that's what we have, and we have the opportunity to fully use of the gas generator of hydrogen for our modified two-loop boilers which serve as a gas boiler and heater running water that is gas column. Just answer the question is it possible to use an already installed gas boilers or column for heating of the hydrogen fuel? No only modified gas boilers are adapted to combustion of the hydrogen mixture (reworked system of gas combustion, installed automation, enhanced heat exchangers).

This scheme shows the use of gas generators of hydrogen in the home to partly replace natural gas, or full with the addition of hydrocarbon substances, in this case propane, and is from 20 to 40% of hydrogen mixture that is 1 cub of propane is equal to 3.5 cubes conduit. I will answer immediately without propane this system will not work as the temperature of the conduit and the conduit 3500грд one of the most volatile and lighter substances having a low density for this it works great in conjunction with other more dense gases!

In an average month you will need 10 cubic meters of propane that will give you 35 cubic meters of explosive hydrogen gas. This is the first plus the second plus the heat capacity of this gas is much higher propane the boiler which consumes 3куба per hour maximum will consume 1.5 cube per hour of hydrogen. One of the schemes use hydrogen heating:

The modified dual-circuit gas boiler, complete with all necessary automatic and pump. Ball valves for cutting off the boiler and heating system. Ball valves for cutting off the supply system. Coaxial pipe. Security group (pressure gauge, safety valve 3бара, automatic bleeding and venting valve built-in wall-mounted boilers, outdoor boilers are installed outside the boiler separately). The coarse filter in the return pipe (installed in the horizontal section, or used a special filter). Expansion vessel for heating (built-in wall-mounted boilers — but, as a rule, it is not enough). A thermostatic radiator valve. Radiator. The supply and return pipeline of the heating system. The hot water pipeline (second contour of a boiler). Ball valves, shutoff hot water to the individual consumer ( shower, washing dishes, sink). Tubing cold water Hydrogen gas generator from 15L./minute to 20L./minutes. This system is much cheaper than conventional electric boilers and pellet heating systems and has a wide range of applications which can provide competitors. This is just one of the few schemes use Hydrogen heating systems in the home. published




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