Cop chaos!

Subject already jaded and down, but the authorities prefer to remain silent ...
The incident occurred yesterday, telling the operator itself.
"Today utrechka thought to shoot our poor, unfortunate servants of the people on Kutuzovsky,
then to hang out as a "typical weekday rush hour on Kutuzovsky". The best place for this
 - The end of the lawn at the Arc de Triomphe. There's what I went. Filmed remarkable, in my frame:
one by one flashers. Then another treholgennuyu car. Why do we have so much power?

Later that:

When the camera turned off, a conversation "without ties" with anonymous (the one on the record in a beige jacket, and, apparently, the senior from them),
because He never introduced himself. First of all, I suggested "vederochnik" Do I? I approve it in this opinion.
 - You know how you get them (gaytsov) got! Take yourself on your flashers opposite, is something that they shoot?
 - And it is not a violation of the separation?
 - There can not be removed. Well, move away and you shoot as you like. Whether you are from TV, there was another conversation. You have that in your backpack?
What if 25 pounds of TNT? .. You're standing here with a camera, and you think you can see from a distance that you have there? Suddenly you "fly" ?! Put 50 meters,
and then when you find something ... We are also against the flashers.
 - And then what?
 - We're with you ... do not you think MPs do not deprive us. Yes, we have a war with them.
 - With whom?
 - With the traffic policemen. We have here two deprived for two years for driving drunk on. And there is nothing we can not do.
... (I do not remember)
 - You're lucky that I was driving. And then you have these fighters tied in a car ... And then - you know about the diplomat and outraged citizens?
 - No.
 - Well, the same diplomat immunity. And if you need to check randomly appears a group of outraged citizens ... and the employee at the time checks.
You too indignant citizens may damage the camera ... In this case the cops perfected. That's because of you four people may deprive the award.
Serious people go, and then the noise of some sort, though ... [I do not remember the wording, but (with humor) something like almost prevented the assassination]
 - No, I'm against that? Just what kind of disgusting: knock the camera, almost forcibly dragged (this I mean litter subfield). Can not be explained as a human ?!
 - Well, I do not like rudeness.
... (Something else I can not remember)
 - There's a man accompanied by luck. That he was not there (on the record).
 - I did not shoot him.
 - And our car, too.
 - Okay.
They returned the passport and I have cleaned for good, for health. Keyword hold, all the "smeared».

UPD. He remembered another phrase: "You have taken the time to arrange when the shares - after the bombings" "

Here is another movie about mayhem DPS.
Traffic cops beat up the driver in front of the school children
Two traffic police officers beat up the driver of the school bus because he drove under the "brick».
Terrible picture managed to shoot passers-by on the mobile phone.

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