The fight in the Verkhovna Rada

Yesterday in Kiev Rada had to ratify the treaty between Russia and Ukraine on the extension of the Black Sea Fleet in Sevastopol. The meeting began with a fight. Once the speaker entered the hall - it flew dozens of eggs from the opposition. Eggs methane deputies men and far unsportsmanlike deputatshi. Two aides speaker promptly disclosed previously prepared umbrellas, and began deftly repel flying towards the speaker of the eggs.

Speaker of the most unabashedly funny voice quietly opened the meeting and invited several deputies to the podium to speak ... the bombing of eggs is not stopped. At this time, in the hall at the same time in a few places have begun full-scale brawl. What has been quite full-fledged fight - they beat each other's feet around where fists and could get all the fluff in the face. Speaker at this time quietly held a meeting on Parliament. When the opposition realized that the eggs have not brought the desired effect - the room began to fill up the military smoke bombs. The speaker is still unabashedly voice calmly continued the meeting and somewhere an hour after the opening of the meeting (all the time in the room did not stop all this mess) put to the vote on the ratification of the Black Sea Fleet. Dgovor ratified in the room at this time of continued fighting and the Speaker adjourned the meeting and knocked out of the room with his Parliament zontikonostsami.


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