Shooting and carnage in the Moscow subway under the cries of "Allah Akbar"

June 26 in the capital Dorogomilovsky court continued the hearing on the gang napavshny two guys in the subway.

On May 6, 2008, they were trying to kill and shoot from a traumatic weapons schoolboy Paul Nowicki and student Fyodor Markov. The attack occurred in a crowded Moscow metro train. There, seven Azerbaijanis 17 - 19, flew with cries of "Allah Akbar" and attacked the youths, who were returning from school.
Thugs beat up boys feet pierced with a knife Paul lung and Fedor struck in the chest. The tip of the blade stopped just two inches away from the heart muscle. Then they shot eight times in the face Fedor air pistol.

Detained guys when the station "Smolenskaya" they came out of the car and began to pester the other passengers. The attackers turned out to law students of the Academy of the Ministry of Justice of Russia. It turned out that a "raid" future lawyers filmed on a mobile phone. It was this video and became evidence. The investigation revealed that a crime they had not committed, and it provoked was figliganskih of motives.

At the first meeting Huseynov and Arutyunov (the other five - under house arrest) behaved insolently: showed the judge from behind bars forefingers - Wahhabi symbol meaning "God is one».

The prosecution asked to recover from the "figliganov" compensation for physical damage. Because of this, the application hearing was postponed.
Alexander Boyko

Vladimir Soloviev: Russian Why can not stand up and demand the rule of law?

Excuse me, good people, but I will not be silent. On June 26, at 12-00, Dragomilovsky Court of Moscow, Metro Student, Student Street, the house 36. There will continue hearing the case, and I advise everyone to come to take a photo, video, and record what happens there. Because there will be a continuation of the trial of the youths who organized the massacre of two Russian boys, students and schoolchildren.
About 2 dozen thugs shouting "Allahu Akbar" and "Russian - pig" beat two teenagers Slavic appearance, then tried to stab and shoot from a traumatic weapons. It tells the newspaper "Izvestia", about 4 pm on May 6 last year, a student in the Moscow subway Fyodor Markov and senior Paul Nowicki went into a subway train at the station Kiev. Behind them in the car tumbled group of young people of Caucasian appearance, according to the guys, they were about 20. "When the train started, one of the Caucasians came up to us, - says Fedor - and suddenly hit in the face with his fist Pasha. We were kicked in the head and body, heart-rending cries of "Russian - pigs" and "Allah Akbar" did not cease even for a second. " At some point Fedor Markov removed his hands, which he protects the head, and then his face began to shoot from a pneumatic gun. One of the bullets remained in the right temple. Later, during the confrontation revealed the name of the gunman - Rashad Mammadov. "When the bullets Mammadov ended, I tried to get up, - quote" Izvestia "Markov said - his eyes flooded with blood, did not see anything around, almost nothing was thinking. Heard only one yelled: "You have to finish." And poked me in the chest with a knife. " Fedor terribly lucky, the blade stopped in a couple of centimeters from the heart. Then Caucasians stabbed and Paul Nowicki. Then unruly flock dumped out of the train at the station Victory Park, the platform on which for some time running around scaring people, Rashid Mammadov with a gun in his hand. As a result, 19-year-old student was shot in the face, stabbed in the heart, 16-year-old classmate stab wound to the right lung. All the scenes of violence over the Russian boys Caucasians filmed on camera mobile phone, then the footage appeared on the Internet as proof of valor bandits. Now it is one of the most important evidence in criminal proceedings. The police officers tried to detain and underground figliganov, but only managed to catch one of them, Dilgama Huseynov. That Fedor Markov, it recognized the guy that he was almost killed. Only cutter naturally has not been carrying. After Huseynov law enforcement came to the six other members carnage, Grant Arutyunov, Chingiz Arifullina, Rashad Mammadov Shahima Khudiyev, Agaragima Sadikhov and Rasul Khalilov. Yet more than a dozen people who took part in the beating, charged as unidentified persons. Only one of the bandits, Huseynov, an Azerbaijani citizen. Azerbaijanis Sadikhov Mammadov and settled in Moscow and have Russian citizenship. Khudiyev, Arutyunov and Arifullina Muscovites, another Muscovite - Khalilov. Most of the defendants - law students, some of them are studying in the Russian Legal Academy of the Ministry of Justice, the other in the College of Law. The seven defendants, all involved in martial arts, Huseynov, candidate for master of sport of boxing. They are all normal, the boys home. This phrase is regularly repeat, like a mantra, Svetlana Traschinovich, head teacher of secondary school N970, which went Rasul Khalilov, and a teacher of the Russian Legal Academy of the Ministry of Justice, where are taught Dilgam Huseynov and Grant Arutyunov and lawyer Agamanysov many years knowing Shahima Khudiyev and Agaragima Sadikhov. All of them say that they have a wonderful boy. So pity crushed. One father died a few years ago, the other just a bomb, the family of the third Moscow your business, but they are very friendly with the family of the fourth, simple hard workers. These are decent boys with guns and knives, beaten half to death and shot, cut the "Russian pigs" as they say. According to some, the defendants belong to one of organized gangs, consisting of people from the Caucasus, organized in the image of skinhead and chooses his victims people of Slavic appearance.

Here's what's interesting - it would seem, all questions asked, 282 th article "inciting hatred or enmity on a national basis." Do not expect. Dilgama Huseynov's lawyer says: "There is no national motive in this case is not, the usual boyish fight, spontaneous, illogical and cruel." With a knife, with a traumatic pistol, shouting "Allahu Akbar" and "Russian - pigs' usual boyish fight, not Article 282. And the investigator Paul Scherbinin succinctly explains the absence of a national motif," there was no sufficient reason. " That is, the cries of "Russian - pig", "Allahu Akbar" is insufficient grounds. And that we should shout that there is enough reason? I demand, perhaps, I should say so require excitation 282nd as stir up hatred and hostility based on ethnicity. And they are just under 213 - "figliganka».

The first court session began with a two-hour delay, each of the defendants was accompanied by a lawyer, a legal representative, a crowd of relatives, in the end, when the courtroom went to one of the victims, he just did not have enough space, bailiffs almost by force had to clear a place for him . In the end, he sat alone among the defendants and the Caucasus Support Group, consisting of numerous relatives and countrymen. At the meeting, the prosecutor read out the charges, from which it follows that the 8 defendants involving unidentified persons the day May 6 planned attack carried out on two individuals of Slavic appearance. That is not spontaneously attacked Caucasians, and by prior arrangement. A couple of examples of what was going on in the hall. Before the meeting, when the assistant referee, who came to check the list, said names were absent at the time of the victims, the father of one of the defendants muttered sarcastically: "They are dead." And in the process one of the mothers almost clung to face the journalist who tried to photograph her son handcuffed.

Moscow became known at that. Here, everything is possible. Azerbaijan at the Cherkizovsky market trader, for some reason feels unpunished, we can strike a blow on the head prosecutors, woman, everything is possible, everything is fine. What's that! A bunch of sites where it says that if you want to live - live according to our laws, Azerbaijan - is the force who is not with us is beneath us. I quoted from an article published in the "Russian Explorer," and the newspaper "Izvestia". Of course, there is a feeling of complete madness, a feeling that is now in our city, in Moscow, these people behave as if Moscow - a city occupied by the capital of the country, lost the war. Come in large numbers here decided that they all may be, they do not live "in Rome as the Romans do." They do not respect the customs of the Muscovites, they do not respect the Russian language, they do not respect the Russian state, and we find ourselves in the position of cattle that can be cut, humiliate and kill. And those that are supposed to protect us, do not manage to see the obvious. If this is not hate speech, then, I'm sorry, what is it? I am not in any way encourage you to at least some illegal actions in relation to people, you know my hateful attitude toward skinheads. I sympathize with the victims, but the perpetrators are criminals. If the offender is a skinhead, to kill those who do not like them, just because they are different, that are no less criminals and these hawks.

Can you imagine, they are future lawyers! Is it possible to put these people? Of course not. They, probably, then the police will go to work. Or somewhere else in the tax, they get help. And if you do not have a large wealthy family, and you alone a young man, you beat a knife stabbed, shot at you, that is, it turns out, can be anything not count? Let's leave it already hypocrisy and human meanness. And most importantly, the authorities understand at all, what will happen? They realize that in the end? You can call, of course, in Moscow street named Kadyrov, of course. You can shoot the trolleybus drivers, it is possible to arrange dismantling, and then put the police. You can kill the Russian boys. Everything is possible. You can go to the Vainakh chores, shooting in the air pistol. Clear. Everything is allowed. And then what happens? And then the people will rise. And then, as always, kill the unfortunate children who Chechens doctors who do not have any relation to the meanest tricks that just intelligent people, unfortunately, relating to people, several members of which have behaved disgracefully. Slaughter unfortunate Armenian boy, not even realizing the difference between Armenians and Azerbaijanis, not realizing that the Armenians - Christians, not trying to figure out this. Slaughter unfortunate Azerbaijani boy, who in no way was not going to shout "Allah Akbar" and did not kill anyone. Dying is always innocent. And innocent. And this is due to the connivance of the authorities. Because of the reluctance to arrange truly literate show trials. It is well known that in Moscow the biggest Azerbaijani diaspora, which has, according to some estimates, several million people. I have a question to the representatives of the diaspora, why they do not do anything to clean trash from their ranks? Do not they realize that eventually the situation will worsen for all?

I believe that my country should be law and order. Not by the Kremlin wall, and on the whole territory, in the great Russia should be a law and order. Of course, I can not help but be horrified by what is happening and the vulnerability of the Russian people. I am Jewish. When the villain flew into the synagogue, and a knife was cutting poor old man, and he was arrested, the Jews did everything to get Koptsev articles, including an article for inciting ethnic hatred. The Jewish community is really worried about this and do everything that is possible. And why is not this Russian? Why Russian can not stand up and say - sorry, we insist that it was according to the law, to respect the Russian people. I do not understand.

And what happens in everyday life? I'm interested in, where there were people in the subway cars when the 20 unbelted teenagers killed two accidents Slavic boys? Where were they? It does not matter, Slavic, they could be anyone. Is not the point. Where were the adults where they were? This would be possible in the 1950s, in the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s? Never. Just never. So if now something does not change, we will lose the country. I have a question for our sovereignty. Explain to me, please. How is it that a lot of the guys have passed through the "hot spots", and through heavy Chechen events, are back with yellow and red stripes, and awards? And very few of them - Heroes of Russia. And look how much Heroes of Russia - Chechens. In general there is a feeling that this title, which only began to give back. Is that fair? In my opinion, no. I do not detract from the merits of those heroes who have received the award, irrespective of their nationality. But the question is why it is so disrespectful to our spices that are still living in terrible conditions, not the roof of business in Moscow, as some do not drive around to "Porsche" with the wild amount of protection not zhlobstvo at expensive restaurants, they are generally in They can not go, the salary does not allow them. But when something happens, you guys get up and go to war, to go back to the occupied city.

I have many years of close friends with Dzhabrailov, and I have a very good relationship with his family, and Omar and his brothers, and nothing in his life, but good on them I have never seen. Communicate with them always brought joy. I have a lot of very close friends of the Armenians, with whom I spend a lot of time, a lot of that in my life helped. And the greatest man on Russian television, which is now suffering from the fact that I'm in the doghouse, so she, too taboo profession. It Gayane Samsonovna Abartsumyan, which for me at all like a second mother. I have close friends and Azerbaijanis, Tatars, Ossetians, no problem. But none of them is impossible to imagine, you know, with a knife in the subway. This intelligent people, the citizens of Russia. Some are not Russian citizens, but civilized, multi-lingual, high culture. And enjoy this multicultural communication. But there are other people.

Here the question is not only and not so much in the national, and that the law should work for everyone equally. 282 th article should not be become only the Slavic, only Russian. We can not close our eyes to the truth. The law must be tough, but fair. And best of all, mercifully just. But it is impossible to arrange a mockery of the law. You can not. If you shout "Russian - pig", "Allahu Akbar," cut, there is a video, these people should be held, in particular, on Article 282. It is not necessary to hush up, you have cruelly punished. A striking example - Turkey. When a madman citizen allegedly in response to the caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad shot an elderly priest, he received a life sentence. Although Turkey is a Muslim country, no one hush. The man received a life, because they understand how dangerous to touch these topics. And we have? How many times have we heard that killed another Orthodox priest? And how? As a rule, are not investigated, and are usually blamed on figliganku. It is not right. If this is the boys skinheads, we have to prove. And let them judge for what they did. Who cares? Cries of "Allahu Akbar", "Russian - pig" does not refer to specific skinheads and to the Russian. This 282-th article. It's, you know, about the same, if the 2 mafia gangs shoot each other, the survivors have to go to court. Not only this, the court must be even tougher because of the lynch, lynching after a challenge to the state. Although, in our state the obvious relation to the judicial system.

I think that in our country neither the law nor the order wrong. And it should be noted that, unfortunately, the year of Medvedev did not improve the situation. Although I understand that, of course, Mr. Jurgens such things prefers not to see, do not notice and do not know. One can only criticize Putin. It is sad. The problem should be solved only one way - by law. Then people will be afraid of the law and fulfill it. For this purpose, first of all those responsible for implementing the law, must be above reproach. And in our country? Judges flawless? Policemen flawless? And the KGB? And the authorities at all levels? It is also just a bad anecdote, no other way to tell. Shameful and disgusting. And if the government, once again, will not deal with these issues, these issues will be engaged in power, it will be terrible. The small town of Kondopoga - all Russia trembled. Moscow is not a small town. God forbid, will bring to Moscow before the explosion. Speech on TV after this will not get rid of any Luzhkov, no one else. It will be scary. This must be understood.

Vladimir Solovyov


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