10 of the most bloody fights between politicians and businessmen

Even famous people, endowed with multi-million dollar state authority and power, ready to sort things out with his fists. This is not the first time that people in suits and ties, with thick wallets and imperious powers begin to sort things out with their fists. Forbes.ru remembered most serious fights between businesses and between politicians and their consequences.

Ukrainian Parliament: 5 hospitalized

The most serious brawl in the Ukrainian parliament took place in December 2010. BYuT pasted posters in the courtroom in support of Yulia Tymoshenko blocked the rostrum and presidium. Party of Regions deputies rushed to release the power of the presidium. As a result, some people have such severe injuries that they had to make the hall on a stretcher, five were hospitalized. Deputies of the Party of Regions claimed even that of their colleagues from the BYuT brought mount and chain, but did not have time to use them.

Turkish Parliament: 1 dead

Tragically ended the fight in the Turkish Parliament in January 2001. About 20 people started beating each other at a meeting during which the ruling party has proposed to reduce the discussion of draft laws. Several MPs from the far-right Nationalist Movement Party knocked to the floor Kurd Fevzi Sihanlioglu and struck him five or six blows to the head. A few hours later Sihanlioglu died of a heart attack.

Vladimir Zhirinovsky and others: wet suit torn hair, nosebleed

The first major fight on Russian television has become a clash between Vladimir Zhirinovsky and Boris Nemtsov in the program "One on One" on ORT in 1995. Zhirinovsky said that in the Nizhny Novgorod region the epidemic of syphilis in response Nemtsov showed him the magazine Playboy, where Zhirinovsky claimed to have slept with 200 women. Zhirinovsky splashed in the face orange juice Nemtsov Nemtsov told him the same, then Zhirinovsky launched his glass.

In the fall of 1995 Zhirinovsky ottaskal hair deputy Yevgeny Tishkovskaya, and in 1997 he broke into the car and pushed the journalist Julia Olshansky. In 2003 he kicked Sergei Mitrokhin, venting anger at it a completely different faction MP - Mikhail Delyagin from the "motherland", for which he received on the ear. Zhirinovsky twice fought Andrei Saveliev from the "motherland". For the first time, in 2003, during a televised debate Savelyev Zhirinovsky blow knocked down. The second time, in 2005 (pictured), Zhirinovsky spat at Saveliev, after which the two sides exchanged punches in the jaw and nose. Zhirinovsky has left the battlefield with a finger injury, Saveliev - bleeding from the nose.

Ukrainian Parliament: padded raw egg eyes

The most spectacular brawl in the Ukrainian parliament was caused by the ratification of the agreement with Russia on the Black Sea Fleet in April 2010. The meeting started with the fact that the Speaker Volodymyr Lytvyn threw raw eggs. Then a fight broke out between deputies in the hall exploded smoke bomb. However, this time there were no serious casualties, apart from the fact that one egg is still pleasing to the eye of the Speaker, despite the fact that the guards covered his umbrellas.

The State Duma, and Fedulov Shandybin: almost bitten off nose


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