The red pigment in blood orange slows down the aging processes in the body.

Bloody red or orange, my favorite citrus. I like the taste, it is very juicy, sweet, but with a pleasant acidity, does have the usual. These oranges can eat endlessly. It was winter when they met often, and I ate them all day long mono. Now the red oranges is rarely where caught. But if you find it, make sure you buy.

This unusual color Oranges attach the presence of anthocyanins, these are the substances that give the red color of cranberries and blueberries blue. Anthocyanins are antioxidants, which in turn helps the body neutralize the oxidative effects of free radicals and other substances. Also, blood oranges are rich in vitamin C (it more than the usual orange) A, B1, B2, B9. Oranges are rich in minerals: calcium, iron, etc. Among blood oranges are rich in fruit sugar, which is rapidly absorbed and uplifting. Invigorates better than coffee. Therefore, it is best to start the morning with oranges.

On sale you can find 3 varieties of blood oranges: tarokko, sanginello and Moro. Each of these varieties is unique in its own way: Tarokko - very sweet and always seedless, grows mainly on the east coast of Sicily, and the taste is due to the unique soil and climate. Sanginello - the oldest variety, it comes from Spain. Its flesh ranges from red to violet black fruits contain a small amount of seeds. The flesh is juicy and pleasant taste. Moro - the youngest of the blood orange variety, comes from the early 19th century in the province of Syracuse in Sicily. Moro Color: deep red flesh, sometimes ruby-red color and skin, which has a bright red spots. The flavor and aroma more intense than normal oranges.

All the fruits of blood orange, a little less than their counterparts. The skin is thin and there is thick veins like ordinary oranges. These citrus fruits are unusual, fragrant taste with a raspberry flavor. It's always nice to discover new tastes for yourself. If someone has not tried bloody oranges, be sure to treat yourself!


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