Bloody rain

In 2001, India's strange red rain fell a total weight of about 50 tons. In April this year the physicist Godfrey Louis of Mahatma Gandhi University speculated that they are of extraterrestrial origin, according to Popular Science.

In 2001, India's strange red rain fell a total weight of about 50 tons. In April this year the physicist Godfrey Louis of Mahatma Gandhi University speculated that they are of extraterrestrial origin, according to Popular Science.

They found that in these countries red formations similar cell length of 10 microns, the absence of DNA. They also proved to be able to multiply at a temperature of 315 ° C, although the temperature limit for known life in water is 120 ° C. The researchers suggested that these particles could be extraterrestrial bacteria adapt to the harsh conditions of outer space. According to him, the planet they came from small fragments of a meteorite or comet disintegrated in the atmosphere, and then mixed with rain clouds.

Until now, there was much speculation about the origin of "blood rain". Some scientists think that to blame the microscopic algae, others believed that the red particles are fungal spores were also suggestions that the fragment of a meteorite crashed into a flock of high-altitude bats, which are the blood of these formations.

Luis and his colleagues refused to these theories, as and spores, and algae must be present DNA and blood cells would be killed instantly on contact with air or water. Also, blood cells are not able to replicate. Scientists say they have been able to see the red in the context of education. According to them, inside a large cage is another little.

The Indian team of scientists is going to soon to test red cells to the presence of specific carbon isotopes. If the results are positive, it will be a serious proof ideas Louis.

Probably, it was a terrible sight when instead of the usual rain poured from the sky ominous stream - as red as blood. Such bloody rains are hundreds of times in history and in ancient times, and closer to our times.

The ancient Greek historian Plutarch and writer talked about the bloody rain falling after the big battle with the Germanic tribes. He was sure that evaporation from the bloody battlefield soaked and stained with ordinary air drops of water in the blood-red color.

From other historical purposes can be found that in 582, the bloody rain had fallen in Paris. To many people, so the blood dirties her dress - wrote an eyewitness, - they disgust threw him off.

And here's another red rain, spilled in 1571 in Holland. Lil it is almost the whole night and was so plentiful that the flooded area for a dozen kilometers, all the houses, trees, fences were red. The inhabitants of those places blood was collected rainwater in buckets and explained phenomenon that it rose to the clouds pairs blood of bulls killed.

On the bloody rain and drew the attention of the French Academy of Sciences. In her research, "Memoirs" is written: "March 17, 1669 in the town of Shatila (on the River Seine) had the mysterious heavy viscous liquid similar to blood, but with a sharp unpleasant odor. Big drops hung it on the roofs, walls and windows of the houses. Academics have long puzzled in trying to explain what happened, and finally decided that the liquid formed in the putrid waters of a swamp and was entered in the whirlwind of the sky ».

In 1689, a bloody rain went to Venice in 1744 - Genoa, just in time of war. In the Genoese red rain caused a real panic. On this occasion, one of the scientists contemporaries wrote: "What people call a simple blood rain is none other than a pair of painted vermilion or red chalk. But when the sky will fall real blood, which can not deny it, of course, a miracle worked by the will of God ».

In early spring 1813 the bloody rain suddenly poured over the kingdom of Naples. The scientist then Sementini described in some detail on this event, and we can now imagine how it happened: "A strong wind blew for two days in the east - wrote Sementini - when locals saw approaching from the sea thick cloud. At two o'clock in the afternoon the wind suddenly died down, but the cloud has closed the surrounding mountains and began to obscure the sun. The color of her pale pink at first, became fiery red. Soon the city was plunged into darkness so that the houses had to light the lamps. The people, frightened by the darkness and clouds of color, rushed to the cathedral to pray. Darkness still stronger, and the sky its color was like a hot iron. Thunder. Terrible sound of the sea, although distant from the city for six miles, which further intensified the fear of residents. And suddenly the sky poured streams of red liquid, which took some of the blood, while others - for the molten metal. Fortunately, the evening air cleared, bloody rain had stopped, and the people calmed down ».

Sometimes that fell not only bloody rain and the bloody snow, as, for example, in France, in the middle of the last century. This outlandish red snow covered the ground layer of a few centimeters.

The people saw the sign of the bloody rain and a reproach to the higher powers. Scientists also say that the water is similar to the blood as a result of mixing the red motes mineral and organic origin. Strong winds can move the dust particles thousands of kilometers and raised to great heights to rain clouds.

It is noticed that bloody rains were often in spring and autumn. In the last century they were about thirty. They fall, of course, in our century. But they have no fear.

The magazine "UFO» №27 / 2000.


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