Fist fights officers (25 photos)

It's funny to watch how the debate in the parliaments of different countries.
People who legislate, sometimes resorting to the most primitive way to solve problems.
That says a lot.

1. The opposition party lawmaker Chung Shao-ho (top left) fights with Kuo Chung-Chun (on the table) from the Democratic Progressive Party in Taipei, November 6, 2003. (AFP - AFP / Getty Images)

2. The opposition are fighting with the ruling party in parliament in Kiev December 24, 2003. (AFP / Getty Images - AFP / Getty Images)

3. The passions in parliament in Taipei March 24, 2004. (AFP / Getty Images - AFP / Getty Images)

4. Start zavarushku between legislators of the lower house of parliament in Tokyo June 4, 2004. (JIJI PRESS - AFP / Getty Images)


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