Movement "We are against tax discs for Mikhalkov." Moscow, November 6, 2010 (13 photos)

Yesterday movement "we" Roman Dobrokhotova held in downtown Moscow to protest against the Russian Union of owner (CPR) by Nikita Mikhalkov, recently obtained by the decision Rosohrankultury right to collect 1% with "producers and importers of equipment and blank media information that are used to play the audio-visual works for personal use. " Fall under taxation DVD-players, computers and laptops, mobile phones, cameras, camcorders, CDs, flash cards, etc.

Many citizens are outraged citizens such amendments and believe that the money will go into the pocket Mikhalkov or a great movie by the great director, which they do not want to sponsor

The money CPR decided to distribute the dubious manner: 15% - the actual rights holders, 25% - for girls and restaurants on the maintenance of the organization, and 60% in a special fund (the royal treasury?)

Authors of works pleased sum payments - about $ 100 million a year. Hence it is easy to figure out what deductions will have CPR

"It has always been and always will be" - the words of Nikita Mikhalkov, the question about the flashing lights on his car


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