Diverse world of sports (34 photos)

This week, while watching the traditional release of photos about the sport you will visit Germany in the World Cup swimming in Dubai World Cup beach soccer, and look in Bridgeview, Illinois, on the MLS Cup Football. Of course, in addition to this you will find many more interesting things, such as the Olympic Games among veterans in Sydney and the opening of the hunting season in England. Just around the corner and the opening of the season of winter sports ...

1. Swim "walrus" in Shenyang, China, Nov. 13. (REUTERS / Stringer)

2. Americans Dominique Glavich (in the foreground) and Kevin Darmodi during the final swim at a distance of 50m. on the back, on the Swimming World Cup in Berlin, November 15. (AP Photo / Gero Breloer)

3. BASE jumpers Dean Smith during a jump from a tower in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. (REUTERS / Bazuki Muhammad)


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