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Many people prefer not too dangerous sports, but there are those who like to risk. Women do not lag behind men in this regard and achieve great success. And the summer - this time to show the world and yourself, what you can do. It's time to think about an unusual hobby. For example:


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Climbing - a heavy, dangerous, but very interesting sport. Usually, backpacking meant climbing to the tops of the mountains and the accompanying overcoming natural obstacles such as the weather or the terrain. Most climbing requires serious preparation - climber must have a strong healthy body, to be resilient and to stock up on appropriate equipment.

Contrary to popular belief, women climbers is not much less than men. For example, Mount Everest, the highest peak of the world, many women was rising. The first was the Japanese Junko Tabey for her - Polish Wanda Rutkiewicz, and is currently a dangerous and difficult journey women make at least the men.

However, just to conquer the Himalayas is not necessary. If you want to backpack to contribute in this way to your development as a corporal and spiritual, then you can sign up for the start of the nearest club, where you will learn the correct move and breathe, hold tight on uneven rocky ledges. By the way, climbing contributes to obtaining a beautiful figure, and this is another plus of this sport.

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Wakeboarding is relatively recent, but has already gained popularity among outdoor enthusiasts. It combines elements of slalom water skiing, acrobatics and jumps. Athletes need to stand on skis, to take up the tow rope - and the boat will bear it on the waves. The task of the athlete - not just resist and resist water skiing, but also perform some stunts - ride the wave, jump over the trampoline or go round the other figures. There is a whole list of possible tricks. The most difficult of these is called Frontside 900 - an athlete to go through two waves actually rotating on its board and at the same time hold a pen tether.

In the world there are about 100 special wakeboarding parks, but in Russia they are still only five: in St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Anapa and Moscow. Needless to say, wakeboarding, as well as other extreme sports, requires a healthy body and a considerable physical fitness.

3. Surfing

Surfers sometimes called riders on the waves, and for good reason, because they are literally "osёdlyvayut" wave. To this end, a special board with which the athlete first swims away into the ocean somewhere and then there are huge wave height of several human growth stands on the board - and swims using the energy of the waves. The main task - to stay on the wave, or swim under it, without losing balance and remain standing to "ride" the next wave.

Of course, surfing - a dangerous sport. So, surfer Mike Parsons, risking their lives, once ride the wave height of 23, 4 meters. It happened on the beach Cortes Banks, and to curb the wave even higher could not nobody.

Surfing is practiced mainly in warm countries where there is access to the ocean - for example, Australia and New Zealand. In Russia, because of the climate surfing is not widely used, but there are special parks where you can try your hand at this sport. Women surfing is particularly popular because they are by nature have a good co-ordination and flexibility.

4. Longbord458aece132.jpg

Longboard evolved from skateboarding. In contrast to the classical skeydbordinga board longboard for a long, wide and stable, but softer and wider wheels. The aim is not pursuant dangerous stunts, and speed, and enjoy the process of driving. As a consequence, longboard less dangerous, although in this sport possible injury.

Most athletes like to ride on narrow roads, serpentines. This requires different skating reaction and the ability to control the board. In our cities in the summer you can often see young men and women scurrying along the asphalt track at high speed. It is believed that to achieve some success in the longboard relatively easy - just a little practice, to ride on the flat straight sections.

Love and value yourself, worry about how to look and how to feel.

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The summer season has arrived, and it's time to take care of yourself!

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