Best photos for November 2012

November 1

This river in Yosemite National Park, in California, striking in its mysterious deserted. The river is known as Merced and often becomes the object of admiration for, but despite this cold and feeling of abandonment from picture not going anywhere.

November 2

At first glance, this image can be titled "bird on the mat," but on second glance, view photos, it's buffalo starling sitting on the side of a giraffe.

November 3

"Fall, fall, forest is cool and the leaves dropped ...". Fallen leaves last golden age float on the surface of Cascade Lake in the Adirondack Mountains.

November 4

On California sent a terrible blizzard. "If you were there, you would definitely demolished," - says the photographer take a picture.

November 5

Beautiful bear Finnish photographer waited more than 12 hours, which is 11, 5 hours ahead of the time that the guys are waiting for the girls on dates. The conclusion is that the photographer nerves of steel and tremendous patience!

November 6

Long and beautiful river Owyhee River in Idaho.

November 7

Epic. Lifeless image, setting the moon ... The photo was taken in the reserve Ansel Adams.

November 8

Guess a minute, what's that? And this is the right eye of the whale, although the impression that the island photographed from a bird's flight.

November 9

Photos of Queen Elizabeth National Reserve: 8 buffaloes decided to leave his mark on history, two abstained.

November 10

Blue pond in Japan is very Telegram tourists, but they come to court only in the summer and spring, because autumn and winter there is nothing to do. Beauty of the place for a few months is dissolved in the "permafrost».

November 11

Little monkeys langurs are hiding from the rain flows. The climate in the Thar Desert is not sugar, but they are accustomed to.

November 12

Tibet. The girl does not forget about the beauty of nature even while cases.

November 13

Field of tulips in a completely different shades Teybl Cape.

November 14

Polar bears are considered the largest land-based predators, and if so they are fighting among themselves, then this is a must see. Photo certainly with some "animal story", which bears tell us, alas, can not.

November 15

And this is a simple translucent shrimp on anemones.

November 16

Autumn Dubai - a paradise for landscape photographers. Autumn in these places too humid climate and low temperatures, due to which just below the tall buildings clubs formed mist.

November 17

Another photo of the Queen Elizabeth National Park: Lion with piercing eyes. This is not "Madagascar»!

November 18

The celebration of "the Manhattan Solstice", the day when the ranks of the streets are in line with the setting sun. Users can not remove all this beauty on their cameras.

November 19

From Arctic tundra came to meet several volunteers. They were lucky, the view is beautiful!

November 20

Soft corals and a blue cod in one of the reserves.

November 21

The rivers in Idaho are similar, but each has its own peculiarity. Find the differences between the river and the Owyhee River Salmon (November 6).

November 22

There are in the world are those who live only in the mountains. This man is one of them. In its conical tent it feels better than anywhere else.

November 23

Untouched nature - it's always great.

November 24

Deer Park knol feel kings of the world. Here they certainly will not be disturbed.

November 25

A couple of people in the Greenwich Naval Hospital.

November 26

River in Iceland in comparison with a jeep standing in the foreground, a giant! Miserable machine, if there was a stream immediately and gone.

November 27

Canoeing on the River Allagash in Maine. Quiet, moonlit, impresses even photos.

November 28

So close to the tiger will not work no sane photographer, so specially created for the safety rope, transmits a signal to the camera (as soon as the animal enters the camera on the rope it "clicks»).

November 29

Thunderstorm in pensions.

November 30

Reindeer in winter.


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