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The creators of Hollywood movies like to introduce audiences astray, especially when it comes to such a well-known profession as a police officer. It has a number of side effects, for example, I often see people who were in a state of alcoholic or narcotic intoxication, demanded to release them from jail because we do not read to their right (the reality is different from the one imposed on us movies). From the outside it looks like fun, but only at first. And I do not think prison staff with humor perceive such statements.

So, I would like to tell you about ...

There is one reason why we try to stay away from certain areas

In every city there are neighborhoods where cops are not to be put at risk without a good reinforcement. I always thought that the reason lies in the armed gangsters who live in those places, in part it is, but ... What is really forcing the police to stay away from these areas - so it's all those people who absolutely do not care for the law. And here is an example:

Once during the night shift, going round the territory of one of the areas I saw like a drunken man on horseback rode through the streets, stopping in every lane and by driving the oncoming traffic. I turned on the lights and asked him to pull off the road and stop. Instead, he decided to escape. I followed him all the way, listening to the patient explain his partner about what I still a moron. The rider went to one of those neighborhoods where, according to one of our own protocols allowed to enter only if accompanied by at least three police officers.

He stopped his horse, apparently believing that no one will be able to charge him in the management of a horse drunk. However, that's what I wanted to do. We drove closer, I jumped out of the car to arrest the offender. Man, as a joke, he immediately began to assure me that 'Horse absolutely sober. "

But he was clearly a tipsy and, despite the absurdity of the situation, had no right to endanger themselves and even more so the people around them. I knew that to demand documents on the horse at this guy is useless, therefore, began to make out of it. At that moment an elderly old lady came up and began to wonder why I'm arresting rider. I started to explain that detaining him for drunken driving, as the horse, according to Vehicle Code also apply to vehicles. Suddenly, from nowhere came some friends and hit the old woman in the head.

Beating the elderly - it is a criminal offense, so my partner and I started to catch the attacker. However, he managed to hide somewhere in the maze of streets. I headed back to the car in the hope that the old lady would say who it was. But she, too, disappeared. Like a drunken rider. There was only a horse. In the Control Service of the animals we were told that they do not have special conditions to shelter her. At the police station to conduct it - is not an option. Even my poor sergeant did not know what the hell to do with it. I called the towing service, but there I was refused. In the end, we just brought the horse to the grass and left there, hoping that she can find a way home herself.

That's why we try to stay away from such areas of the city. This kind of crap going on here all the time.

Invasion of the naked men

That night I was patrolling alone, without a partner, when received a signal that one of the houses near the alarm went off. I thought, perhaps, again, motion sensors react to someone's dog or the wind decided to fool around, but no. When I arrived there, I saw a very frightened woman who clutched to her six year old boy. The front door to the house was open. I asked him what happened.

"I do not know, I woke up, and the door was open. Then I grabbed the little Timmy [I do not remember his name], and we ran into the street. However, my husband was there, inside. We called him, but he does not go out. "

This alarmed me. His head immediately arose a terrible picture - surely this guy soaked some serial killer, and it is currently in the middle of the room covered in blood (I can see, just like you've seen enough horror movies). I called for reinforcements and told them to hurry, and he himself went into the house, weapons ready. I called a guy named and introduced a police officer. I went upstairs and found the bedroom door was locked, my cries went unanswered. I kicked the door down.

This man was lying on the bed, his ears were headphones, and the screen - porn. He masturbated and had not heard a single word of what I told him.

I asked, "Are you all right?»
He stared at me.
"There's someone else?»
The same puzzled look.

I told him to wear something, and he went to check the bathroom and dressing room, to make sure that the house was no one else. His wife, I said nothing. Man wearing pants, thanked me and wanted me to shake his hand, but I refused.

In the second case, a naked man came to his friend and shouted at her door obscene phrases. Then he broke into the house and threw her on the bed. The girl, without thinking twice, began to beat him on the kicking balls. The boy let go of her arm and tried to hold her feet, but she did not lose, and the course went fists. In the end, she freed from the hands of the abnormal and that there are forces began pounding it on the kernels as long as until the young man did not come, that he might stop the genitals, if not leave the house of the poor girl.

It was easy to find. He was the only one in the evening he returned to his hotel room in shorts and a cowboy hat.

Knocking the door kicked in reality does not look like in the movies

During his career cop I do not just have to beat out the door, and I want to say that this action is in the films presented absolutely wrong.

First, in no case can not become directly in front of the door. Area in front of the front door called the "fatal funnel" or "Do not fucking stand there." Doors are not bulletproof, and if some bad guy at the door to hear how you're trying to break into his house, he will shoot your ass.

In my experience, there were cases of a lot funnier and more stupid than in the movies. One idiot tried to hold the door in her hands uperevshis (when he realized that to do so not worth it, it was too late).

Another guy so well barricaded himself in the house, we barely managed to get inside. We brought his girlfriend, saying that her boyfriend is under the influence of drugs and was going to commit suicide.

I hit the door with his foot. It's nothing. We tried to dislodge it with a sledgehammer. It's nothing. We called the fire and tried to break down the door with crowbars. It's nothing. And only by "jaws of life" (Hydraulic tools for rescue operations) we managed to get into the house, and then - through the wall, not the door, which was completely sealed from the inside.

The boy is not very happy our invasion, and he had nothing to show (if you remember, we came to save him, and the strengthening of the house - is not a crime). In this paper, idiots enough ...

One form of police patrol cars with flashing lights turns people into idiots

Myth: The cops used a siren and flashing lights when they want, usually in order to have a reason for a traffic violation.

The reality: when the officer includes warning lights, the vehicle is locked, so he'll have time to explain to disgruntled boss if he will decide to use emergency lights without a good reason. The same goes for speeding. In my home state (Texas), the maximum allowed speed - it is 80 miles / hour, regardless of whether the warning lights or not.

So, go ahead. Theoretically, if the street goes a police car with siren and red flashing blue lights, you must give way, at least, so says the law. But some people (applies to drivers and pedestrians) it does not care, because of what happens to a lot of accidents.

Even more puzzling is the fact that even though the bright and sharp light flashers that simply can not be ignored, people are constantly crash into parked or moving in front of them police vehicles with warning lights activated.

Moreover, there are people who are close to approaching traffic cones and flares, aggressively demanding that they missed. I got an answer, "No, can not be here," they unfold back and showered you with mats and curses.

On you can attack people from whom you least expect it

The first person who attacked me was a 83-year old lady, who saw in me a stranger. She knocked on the door a couple who saw not exactly normal behavior of women, immediately called the police. While we were trying to find an old lady her name and place of residence, she decided that we extraterrestrial visitors and started to beat us with their fists. We did not do anything and just waited until the poor things do not run out of power.

In another case (tipsy), a woman of impressive dimensions has decided to arrange fights with wooden door. I do not know how you imagine it, but by the incident looked pretty strange. She is mother, beat the door and kicking, scratching fingernails, in general, he fought to the last with the enemy, who would not let her ... in a strange house.

When the scene police arrived (represented by me) and the Security Service, the woman switched to them. I intervened, and now adorn my hand four scars from her bites.

Another attacked me drunk man in a wheelchair (we let him go just because he had no idea what to do in such a situation).

In the end, my career policeman came to an end after I broke my leg. At the police station received a call that a young man tried to kill her with a kitchen knife his own mother. He ran away, and we could not find it. It was three o'clock in the morning, we decided to look into the Taco Bell. And what do you think? We found the boy asleep right behind the house.

As long as I put handcuffs on him, a fight broke out, during which I got a broken leg in two places.

This was the end.

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